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Genesis 3:8-9  And they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day: and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God amongst the trees of the garden.

And the LORD God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou?

The Message Before Us Today is Coming as a Question to Everyone of Us .

And This question concerns everyone of us , no one is left out .

And This is the question that God asked “Adam in the day that he ate the forbidden fruit, and became a sinner”

In vain did Adam and his wife hide themselves among the trees of the garden of Eden. 

In vain did they try to escape the eye of the all-seeing God.

They have forgotten that God is the Same yesterday,  today and Forever. There is no darkness before Him , no wall , no hidden Place , He is everywhere,  He knows Your secret .

You can’t hide anything from Him .

So the Lord God called out to the man and said to him, “Where are you?” Think for a moment how awful those words must have sounded! 

Think what the feelings of Adam and Eve must have been! When they heard that .

The Most Important Question that everyone need to asked in this earth is 


Why is it important,  because you have a soul to be saved or Lost.


Give me your attention, while I tell you a few things which may throw light into this question.


I do not know who you are, whether you are Saved or Just a church goer .

I do not know who you are , but one thing I know so certain about you is that :

》 I do know that you have got an immortal soul, and I want that soul to be saved. 

》I do know that you have got to stand before the judgement seat of God, and I want you to be prepared for it.

》 I do know that you will be forever in heaven or hell, and I want you to escape hell, and reach heaven.

“Where are you in the sight of God?”

There are categories Of People That the people talk About And I am deeply Afraid if you are one of them .


✓They have not yet been converted and born again. 

✓They are not yet justified. 

✓They are not sanctified. 

✓They do not have the Spirit. 

✓They have no faith. 

✓Their sins are not forgiven. 

✓Their hearts are not changed. 

✓They are not fit for heaven. 

✓They are neither godly, nor righteous.

✓Bible words mean nothing at all to them.

✓Their treasure is evidently all on earth.

✓Their attention is swallowed up by the perishable things of time. 

Eating, drinking, and clothing—money, houses, and land—business, pleasure, or politics—marrying, games, or entertainment—these are the kinds of things which fill their hearts. 

They live as if there were no such book as the Bible. 

✓They go on as if resurrection and eternal judgement were a mere fable.

Some of the people I speak of have got a form of religion—but after all it is nothing but a form. 

They profess and call themselves Christians. 

They go to a place of worship on Sunday. 

But  Where is the religion of the New Testament to be seen in their lives  ? 

Nowhere at all! 

Sin is plainly not considered their worst enemy, 

nor the Lord Jesus their best friend—

nor the will of God their rule of life—

nor salvation, the great end of their existence. 

The spirit of slumber keeps possession of their hearts, and they are at ease, self-satisfied, and content. 

God speaks to them continually; by mercies—by sermons; but they will not hear. 

Jesus knocks at the door of their hearts—but they will not open. 

They are told of death and eternity, and remain unconcerned. 

They are warned against the love of the world, but they still plunge into it week after week without shame. 

They hear of Christ coming upon earth to die for sinners, but are unmoved. 

There seems to be a place in their hearts for everything but God No way .

They got room for business—room for pleasures—room for trifling—room for sin—room for the devil—room for the world—but no room for Him who made them—no room for Jesus, the Spirit, and the Word. 

God has asked me to solemnly warn you to flee from the wrath to come. 

I entreat you to remember that the Bible is all true, and must be fulfilled—that the end of your present ways is misery and sorrow.

that without holiness no man shall see the Lord—that the wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the people who forget God.

that God shall one day take account of all your doings, and that Christless sinners like yourself can never stand in His sight, for He is holy, and a consuming fire except you Repent. 

I beseech you today to break off your sins—to repent and be converted. 

I beseech you to change your course—to alter your ways about christian life .

to turn from your present carelessness about your soul, and become a new man.

 do not refuse such a gracious invitation! 

Dare to be bold and decided. 

Resolve to come out from the broad way which leads to destruction. 

Arise and escape for your life, while it is called today. Repent, believe, pray, and be saved.


The Almost Christian. 

They have many things about them which are right, and good, and praiseworthy, in the sight of God.

They agree to all you say when you speak to them about their souls.

But still there is no movement in the hearts of these people to make amendments. 

They are like those who stand still. 

Weeks after weeks, years after years roll over their heads, and they are just where they were. 

They sit under our pulpits. They like our sermons.

There is no going forward in their Christianity. 

There is no life, and heart, and reality in it. 

Perhaps there is some bosom sin, which you are holding fast and will not give up.

you are careless about private prayer and communion with God. 

This is one reason why multitudes are weak and sickly in spirit.

You must arise and be an effective Christian,  Arise and Grow , depart from your comfort zone .


1 . Be a Real Child Of God .

 It is important to have a personal and intimate relationship with God. 

This means spending quality time in prayer, studying the Bible and getting to know God on a deeper level.

You must learn to hear His voice and obey His commands if we are to be true followers of Christ.

2. Being accountable. 

You need to be open and transparent with your Spiritual leader , mentor or Spiritual father who can hold you accountable for your actions. 

Accountability partners should be people who are mature in their faith, unafraid to speak truth and offer guidance when needed.

3. You need to live a life of integrity. 

This means being consistent in your words and actions. 

YOur conduct should always reflect the teachings of Christ, regardless of your circumstances.

 You should never compromise your values or beliefs for temporary gain.

4. Fourthly,  be humble and servant-hearted.

Jesus demonstrated this by washing the feet of His disciples. 

You must be willing to serve others, even in the most menial tasks. 

Genuine humility involves putting others first and esteeming them above yourselves.

5. Fifthly, you need to be authentic in your relationships. Loving others unconditionally,  are essential qualities of genuine believers. 

Our relationships should reflect the love and grace of Christ.

6. Sixthly,  be bold in our faith. 

This means being unashamed of the gospel and sharing it with others. 

7. Live A Life Worthy of Spending eternity With God.

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