While I was busy thinking on how to pay my house Rent , a lot of thoughts were going on in my heart. 

Then the memories of some old mate that I met at Lagos garage when I was travelling to Abuja for a ministration flashes back into my heart .

I met Prophet Ozoma at the garage. He came to collect a parcel that was sent to him by one of his spiritual sons. We had a lot of time to talk together. 

I remembered when he said “Pastor Kingsley,  Preaching about God’s judgement against sin , holiness and Truth is an old school” 

He specifically told me , I pastor Kingsley, that to succeed in the ministry I must compromise and preach what people love to hear and not what God wants me to preach .

He gave me a lot of strategies on fundraising,  but in all his strategies I must be ready to sacrifice my conscience,  I will need to sacrifice my vision of heaven,  I will need to sacrifice my name in the Book of life , No I cannot do that .

While I was meditating on this I slept off , and I had this strange dream.

I saw myself walking in an open field , then I heard an audible voice from heaven “Kingsley Go to Abarogun village 😳 , I have a message for you there ” 

I woke up with so much fear in my heart , and by my findings,  Abarogun is a small hidden village in Osun state .

Note πŸ“ This : 

One of the quickest ways God gets our attention is by stopping what we are doing by disrupting our plans. 

God isn’t being mean to us when he interrupts what we are doing. He is forcing us to slow down and to focus more on Him.

To keep us from going in the wrong direction, God stops us from doing what we are doing even though we have convinced ourselves that we are doing the right thing.

When God wants us to do something, He might make us restless until we do what He wants us to do. 

A good example is recorded in Esther 6:1-3.

One night the king was restless and couldn’t sleep. 

He got out of bed and ordered the book of the chronicles, the record of his reign, to be brought in and read to him. 

He heard about Mordecai who had done a good deed and had not been rewarded for it. 

Things were put in place for Mordecai to be rewarded and the entire Jewish nation was spared. It was because of the king’s restlessness. 

Now back to the Story .

I went through alot of stress to locate this small village,  when I got there then God told me “Start hot evangelism Tomorrow but prepared yourself in spiritual warfare tonight”

Of course it was a night of Jacob,  I wrestled with God in prayer , it was there that God showed me the mysteries behind the love of money. Well another story for another time .

At the breaking of the day , I started the evangelism,  going from house to house. It was a bit stressful because I told my wife to stay back out of pity because I wouldn’t want her to go through any stress because she was 6 months pregnant. 

As I was going from house to house , I saw a house that is built with mud , inside the house was a man that had big wound on the legs,  with pulse all over his face,  he was beyond recognition,  but the rings πŸ’ in his hands showed that he was an influential person. 

I greeted him and I said ” Sir can I pray with you ” but his reply was the greatest shock of my life that made me believe that it was because of him that God told me to go to that village. 

He said “Are you the one that the Holy One told me in my dream 7 days ago to reveal the secret of my life and the depth of operation of the false Prophets to ? “

I became confused,  and I said sir “Speak On in Jesus name “

He said ” I am Bishop Gate Odunlaje,  I am the senior pastor of Just and Truth Miracle and Prosperity Centre “

I said what,  sir I know you , I know the cathedral,  I have seen you severally in the television,  the church with motto “Express Way to Wealth”

I know you very well, the name of your new wife is Cynthia Backstone,  sir what happened to you , is it an accident,  I am confused,  you are beyond recognition, talk to me sir “

Bishops Gate Odunlaje started crying like a baby , and he said with deep sorrow “My brother,  my story is long,  it will takes 3 days to finish it , which I will tell you so that this will be a great warning to upcoming ministers and Miracle seekers”

He narrated his story  :

My ruin began , the very day I allowed the love of money , fame and power to gain access into my heart. 

Money can certainly help you achieve your goals, provide for your future, and make life more enjoyable, but merely having the stuff doesn’t guarantee fulfilment.

Bishops Gate Odunlaje started crying like a baby , and he said with deep sorrow “My brother,  my story is long,  it will takes 3 days to finish it , which I will tell you so that this will be a great warning to upcoming ministers and Miracle seekers”

He narrated his story  :

My ruin began , the very day I allowed the love of money , fame and power to gain access into my heart. 

Money can certainly help you achieve your goals, provide for your future, and make life more enjoyable, but merely having the stuff doesn’t guarantee fulfilment.

Then I began to search around for how I can get quick money. This my passion for money made me stop preaching the message God gave me to be preaching when I went to prayer mountain in Osun state.

I was resolved to pay any price it will take for me to be popular,  celebrated and to be known by all men .

Then I know I need to change the people I walk with , I really don’t want to have anything to do with anyone that would challenge my new lifestyle.

All my Godly friends , fellow ministers of God that we use to encourage ourselves in the Lord,  I block them from my life , I give no room for them again .

Pastor Kingsley asked  ” Sir , in all this time , Was there no mentor that even called on you ?  “

I insulted him, says Bishop Odunlaje. I called him All sorts of evil names , although he kept reaching out to me till his death .

When I succeeded in blocking everyone who could remind me of what I used to do and who I used to be in the Lord,  then I started searching for new friends that would love my new lifestyle. 

This is how I get to know Reverend Orogbopo who is the chief cause of my predicament and my involvement in occultism. 

Pastor Kingsley  : Sir are you trying to tell me that you go to that extent , because of your quest to be at the top  ? Sir, do you forget the story of Esau that sold his birthright for a mess Portage  ? 

Bishop Odunlaje continues with the narration  :

 My brother,  he who loves money and who is determined to be rich by any means, can go any length,  even if it will cause the death of their loved one,  they don’t care , unfortunately that was my case .

I met Reverend Orogbopo At a pastors conference,  he was the guest minister there. His arrival at the conference ground really got my attention. 

The meeting was to start from 7pm in the evening,  because the conference was tagged: making wealthy ministers.

The meeting was a secret meeting. I paid a sum of 250k Naira to be part of the meeting. I borrowed this money from neighbours. 

To talk of Reverend orogbopo arrival , he came out from his exotic car,  escorted by security officers that was heavily armed,  walking on a long red-carpet,  while a fireworks was shot into the skies, while everyone of us knee down to welcome him .

Note πŸ“ :  Idolatry is the selfish sin of substitution in which we devote ourselves to worship something or someone in the place of God. 

Ultimately, an idol is the thing or person we trust more than God to provide, protect, or guide us in life. 

 Biblically, there is only one God, and He demands that His people worship Him (Ex. 20:3-6). 

A case whereby a congregation gives glory to their man of God for the great things he has  done, forgetting that God does not take second place neither does He share His glory with any man including your pastor who is being worshipped. 

This is coming from the fact that men are focusing on the messenger rather than the God of the messenger.

When men of God are perceived as being invincible and infallible, they are prone to be worshipped rather than being honoured. 

Such a man is only being set up for failure and the people that do that will be disappointed in the long run.

Back to the Story :

Out of all people that came out to greet him , he looked at me and said “I see stars,  I see great glory surrounding you ” 

After the service , he gave the order that I should be brought to his private hotel room. I was surprised,  I didn’t know why he picked so much interest in me , maybe I was lucky I thought within myself. 

As I entered his room , I saw 3 girls on the same bed with him. I quickly remembered their faces. They are girls he called his spiritual daughters during his ministry. 

These girls were dressed with just ordinary pants and bra , there was no single sense of shame,  this should have alerted me to know I am in for trouble,  but I have also sealed up my mind to be rich by all means. 

Reverend Orogbopo came down from bed and told me to go on my knees,  he laid his hand on me and spoke some strange language and suddenly I noticed a strange spirit entered me .

He asked me, “Do you want wealth and money like my own? Do you want to be popular and respected ” I said yes to all this .

Then he told me to close my eyes , I did,  then he started pouring oil from a bottle on my head , while pouring it he was chanting strange language,  and that was the last thing I remember.

Then the next thing that shocked me was that I woke up and opened my eyes in a hotel room with a lady beside me . I became so astonished , I kept asking numerous questions. 

“Who brought me here , how did I get here , who are you lady 😳 ” while I kept asking these questions , the lady kept laughing in a very demonic manner. 

She said to Me “Fear not , I am your angel , The queen of the coast order me to be your wife and your partner henceforth, my presence with you shall bring wealth,  honour,  fame and money “

What will now happen to my wife at home , I asked , and she said “Divorce her , send her away “

While I was arguing that and thinking about that , Reverend Orogbopo with other great men of God which I normally see on television entered the room and told me congratulations with a hand shake. 

While congratulating me , A man handed over a bag to me , He said “in these bag is different currency and they all worth $ 2.5 million Dollars , the price for your life “

The amount I heard make me crazy for few minute,  I didn’t even bother to ask about my wife anymore , I told them I will be a faithful servant “

Then Reverend Orogbopo said to me ” Odunlaje,  This is the stage one of your initiation,  Now that you have succeeded in having sex with the daughters of the River World , your blood is now with the queen of the coast,  the day you disobey your new wife,  consider yourself as a dead man”

Orogbopo continue: yes you will have wealth,  And money , but the second stage will empower you to be extraordinary”

I was no longer in my normal sense,  another spirit has taken over me , I said to the men of God (men of the devil ) “I am ready to dine with Satan my lord “

Orogbopo replied  ” Good my son , now we will be leaving now , By 1Am today we shall meet in the coven to know the depth of Satan and ministry “

I asked “Reverend Who will bring there ” then he said to me “By the same way you were transported to this place, The Satan’s angel will bring you”

Then I asked “Sir, what about the On-going program ?

Then I heard the shocking thing in my life , he laughed and  said “The program ended 3 days ago,  check your date , do you even know where you are  ?  This hotel is under River Niger “

Then I screamed 😱 ” Sir , how do I get out from here , I can’t swim “

He laughed and said “Don’t worry The spirit will take you out,  but never you reveal this secret to anyone , after the second stage today you will be released,  the third stage will be in the next 7th year’s , by that time your ministry would have been everywhere “

Then they left me and the daughter of the river in the room , we drank together,  and ate strange food together .

She said to Me “honey , eat enough because the journey tonight is going to be very stressful” 

Exactly 1Am I started hearing strange voices and the sound of footsteps of people. It was so high , then I heard “It is time , it is time ” That was the last thing I remembered. 

Then I appeared in a big conference room but the inscription on the wall reads  :

Point of No return 

Home of the dead 

Servant of Satan’s 

The fathers 

The seers

We hate God 

Grace is foolish thought 

Hell is not a big deal 

We have our own bible. 

While I was busy reading the inscription,  I started seeing men I don’t expect to see in that kind of evil gathering. 

While Bishop Gate Odunlaje was narrating this experience,  he screamed 😱 “Leave me alone , let me confess , I will confess “

Then I pastor Kingsley first became confused but I realised he was hearing voices of evil Spirit. 

Then I started praying seriously,  I was rebuking them in the name of Jesus Christ , then Bishop Gate became calm .

Note πŸ“  : Balaam wanted to get rich as a preacher. What was the result ? He lost his calling and went to hell.

– Gehazi, the servant of Elisha, wanted to get rich. 

He not only missed the opportunity to be the next prophet after Elisha, but also brought leprosy upon himself and his children.

– Judas Iscariot wanted to get some money and he destroyed himself and went to hell. We have enough warning there.

– Demas could have been an apostle like Paul; he could have written scripture. 

Instead of that, he went after money and destroyed himself and lost his calling.

There is a tremendous difference between money and the love of money. And what Paul speaks to Timothy is not a Christian possessing money, but money possessing a Christian, or money possessing anyone, for that matter.

– He is speaking of the love of money giving rise to something evil, the love of money causing something evil, the love of money being that from which something evil springs.

While Bishop Gate Odunlaje was narrating his experience,  he screamed 😱 “Leave me alone , let me confess , I will confess “

Then I pastor Kingsley first became confused but I realised he was hearing voices of evil Spirit. 

Then I started praying seriously,  I was rebuking them in the name of Jesus Christ , then Bishop Gate became calm .

And He continues his story , then I saw two men dressed in pastoral attire , like when a pastor is through with seminary and its graduating πŸŽ“ to be a pastor of a church. 

As I saw them talking,  I moved close to them and I said “Sir , are you also coming here for the first time  ? ” We are here to renew our power , ” they replied.

Then I begin to see people coming in one after the other .


Suddenly they closed the conference door , and those who came late were given severe punishment.  

A man came in , and the man who sat on a throne that was full of skull πŸ’€ called him “Fred , why do you come late “

Fred replied  : My lord , your slave is very sorry,  I had a 7 days program in the church that you have given to me , I was very tired 😫 and so I slept off 😴 , pardoned your slave master .

Then the man on the throne replied  : you know,  there is no mercy , forgiveness in this place , you shall be sick for 3 months,  the sickness shall be severe , and this 3 months shall be sorrow and trouble.

You will be disgraced and your predicament shall be on almost all blog sites , then after 3 months the sickness will be taken away and everything shall become normal again.

Fred replied: As you wish my lord , Your will shall be done .

I was afraid and shocked 😲 by the reply of this man  , he couldn’t question 3 month of afflictions as a punishment for just coming late , then I knew that someday big trouble is coming for me  .

After judgement was declared on Fred,  then announcement was made : it is time to dine with the master , this is Satan’s super .

We were served by beautiful naked women , in the plate that was brought to Me , I saw heart and eyes , with horns of goat 🐐😳. 

I later understood that as many who eat that heart shall no longer be in their normal sense,  they will have no sense of shame to live an extravagant lifestyle,  sleep with women in the church, engage in homosexuality,  invite worldly artists into the church e.t.c .

As many that ate the eyes πŸ‘€ , they will never see things from above but only things of the earth .

As many that ate the horns shall be stubborn,  shall not listen to correction.

Then the man on the throne said: Now that you have dined with the master,  your soul is mine .

And everybody replied  : You will be done.

After this , Then the man said : it is time to empower the new members “

We all came to the front of the throne,  then suddenly a powerful wind removed our clothes , and unseen hands mercilessly beat us to an extent that I thought I would not survive it .

While we were going through the beating , the old members were singing  : blood for blood , Satan is the Lord,  him we will serve “

After the beating,  they all stood up and clapped for us .

I was like , we are in huge pain and yet you are clapping and congratulating us .

Then the man on the throne announced: Now is the time to be anointed,  go and take your bottle of oil in that serpents 🐍 cage “

I looked at the cage and I saw different deadly snakes there , and we were told to go and pick it there , and that we shall be bitten but we will not die although the sting of the snake is greater than the beating. 

As I entered to take the oil , I was bitten by seven snakes. I came out from the cage and was crying like a baby .

While we were crying,  the man on the throne and every member was laughing in a very mysterious manner.

Then I realise that their conscience is completely dead πŸ’€. 

For over 1 hour the sting of the snake 🐍 was still tormenting me .

We were asked to drink half of the bottle and the rest should be put in different oils for spiritual works,  and we could sell it at any amount we want .

Then the man on the throne announced again : Now go into the empowerment room , where your tongues shall be empowered to have authority for lying signs and wonders .

Whatever you see there,  you must not fear or run out or else you shall wake up to the earth and run mad immediately and you shall never recover from it “

Then I entered the room , then I saw a woman on the throne,  her breast  was very big, she was half fish and half human , her presence was so terrifying 😳. 

She said : I am the queen πŸ‘Έof the river , I am the mother of Cynthia Backstone your new wife , come and suck my breast , come , come,  come , come , come , come , come “

She repeatedly said it , I wanted to run out but I remembered the warning ⚠️ , I went there and I suck the breast .

Then she said : Now you shall decree and it shall come to pass,  your tongue πŸ‘… is now mine .

Take this ring πŸ’ , wear it all the time , it shall be invisible to people,  only those that have Spiritual eyes πŸ‘€ shall see it , but you need not to be afraid,  because the children of men are blind , only very few had their eyes opened. “

As I left the room , the members stood up and clapped for me. I was given a new garment. 

Then we were given new Doctrines,  All this Doctrines promote sin , immorality,  adultery , Lawlessness e.t.c 

Then I was taken back to the hotel Room,  Cynthia came and hugged me and congratulated me .

I was extremely tired and weak πŸ˜ͺ , I told her , I need to sleep and have a rest.

Then she said : “We have to leave this place now , because somebody else will be using this place soon .”

Then I said to her , how do we leave this place,  and where are we going to go ?

She laughed and said : You are no longer the same man again,  you are now an influential man,  close your eyes now .

As I closed my eyes,  I opened it and saw myself at an expressway .

Then a man came with exotic car and said : Sorry sir,  are you Bishop Gate Odunlaje  ?

I said Yes and then He said to me : Sir where have you been all this while , I have been searching for you , but I had a dream that I should come to this very place that I will meet you there .

I asked this young man his name and he said : I am Jobi,  I worked in an oil company , please come inside sir , I have a surprise for you .

Then I entered,  he drove me to the front of a big house,  he handed over the key πŸ”‘ of the house to me , together with a brand new exotic car , then he said  ” This is a token for the miracle that God used you to do in my life “

I was shocked because I didn’t know this man from anywhere,  he left and to my greatest surprise I saw Cynthia Backstone inside the house. 

She said : this is just the beginning. We need to buy land and build the church with the money that was given to you in the hotel Room.”

We bought a very big piece of land and built a very big cathedral within 2 months .

After we finished building it , she said that it was now time to divorce my wife .

I went back home and told my wife I don’t want to have anything to do with her again. I used the excuse that she was illiterate,  so she would not be useful to me. I fought her hard till she finally left the marriage. 

I immediately announced my new wedding date , Reverend Orogbopo joined me with Cynthia Backstone .

Crowd  flooded our cathedral after the wedding,  I became very popular,  my wealth was massively increasing,  I made sure the church members worship Cynthia,  she was so seductive in dressing,  she impacted worldliness into women in the church. 

And immorality wasn’t a big deal in the Assembly. 

On several occasions Strange money appeared in my room and I was to spend it within seven days. If it exceeds this day I will surely run mad , so I used the scope of giving large amounts of money to people in various programs,  those that collect the money will be marked for serious catastrophes. 

I used fake charities to convince people that I am God’s sent,  but in reality they don’t know that I am only covering my satanic work and catching the souls of men .

Note πŸ“ : We still have genuine ministers of God that give out pure money , As the scriptures says , We shall know them by their fruits. 

Back To the Story : 

I begin to witness great achievements,  I begin to laugh and mock my former friends,  and on several occasions I make fun of them in my sermon .

Several times evil Spirit 😈 speaks to me on the altars and tell me the problems of people,  and people thoughts I was actually hearing God .

After 6 years of great wealth and fame , we were doing children’s thanksgiving in the church. I was laying hands on the children one after the other until I laid hands on a child that landed me in serious trouble. 

As I laid hands on Emma,  my hands got glued to his head while I was being electrocuted without stopping,  the fire of God was so highly burning in this 7 years old boy .

I tried removing my hands but I couldn’t,  members first noticed but I pretended as if all was well. I noticed that the Spirit man of this boy was full of fire and I could no longer hide it. I screamed. 

The usher ran attempting to remove my hands , they too fell off , Cynthia also ran there for my rescued but  fire πŸ”₯ hit her down , she started crawling like a snake 🐍 and in the presence of everybody she disappeared and this put the entire church in commotion. 

Worse of all is that we have pressmen among us who actually came to cover the events .

As my hands was glued on his head , the Spirit that entered me when Reverend Orogbopo poured oil on Me left me with full force,  I vomited horns of goat 🐐 that I ate .

This makes all the church members run away for their life .

I was left alone with Emma and his mother , his mother was begging him to please release me but he said something that shocked 😲 me seriously and I knew God was the one that spoke through him .

Emma said: I haven’t given up on Him , he shall be plucked out of the fire but not yet until I am through with him .

Mrs Julie the mother of Emma said : Emma please leave papa alone,  Please leave papa .

Emma replied : Blind Generation , it is written in the book of Matthew 21:16 Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise ?”

His mother was surprised because the words of the mouth of Emma are extremely powerful and it wasn’t the words of an ordinary child .

Note πŸ“ : Nobody is too young  or small to be used by God , yet you must be conscious of the fact that greater is he that is in you than he that was in the world. 

You can’t exercise what you don’t know you have , knowing it would put your spirit in a position that would generate productive action in the course of life .

 Some believers think that Spiritual Authority over the Devil belongs to only a few chosen people to whom God has given special power.

But, I came  to tell you today, that “Spiritual Authority” belongs to all of the children of God.

We received the Spiritual Authority when we were Born Again into the Family of God.


The fire πŸ”₯ was really destroying the evil things in my body while my hand was glued on him .

After about 45 minutes of pain , my hands got removed and I noticed that my entire body was already burnt. 

I ran out of the church in a big shame , my sense of shame came back to me , the desire to return back to God came strongly in my heart  but I knew I was going to lose everything. 

Out of shame I came to this village to hide myself. Cynthia is gone , and a few days ago I received the news that my cathedral collapsed. The man who gave me the house collected it back. He said there was a mix-up somewhere. 

I have lost almost everything I have gotten,  I am in huge pain , on a daily basis I received a lot of attacks from the cult .

Severally Reverend Orogbopo has sent hire assassin to killed me , how I escape I can’t really explain,  I need you to show me the way to the cross,  please pastor Kingsley “

I Pastor Kingsley opened my mouth πŸ‘„ and couldn’t closed it for a while .

He has lost everything , I couldn’t believe I was sitting with the TV Bishop Odunlaje,  I couldn’t believe he was the one crying like a baby .

I led him back to christ , he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ,  and started evangelism in the village till he died in the same village,  With no children,  with Nothing although he slept in the Lord. 

I returned back to Lagos with so much determination to stand for the truth and never to compromise my faith because the experience of Bishop Odunlaje taught me that indeed Satan has nothing to offer anyone .”

God bless Pastor Kingsley and doors were opened for him in all ramifications,  and goes everywhere preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God. 

Indeed without anything to add more “Satan’s has nothing to offer you” ponder on this .


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  1. Onyango Nancy

    To God be glory! The choice we make are the results of our trouble. May we stand for the truth of our lord Jesus christ. **Life is all about money that’s what most of people are running too** may th lord bless th work of ur hand n nothing to header your parth in Jesus name amen.

  2. segun bankole

    Hmmm this is deep sincerely Satan has nothing mankind I pray the Lord keep his own, and those ones that are at the verge of giving up may the Hand of Gods mercy be extended to them .

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