Psalms 46:1

“God is our refuge and strength; a very present help in trouble”

Destiny helpers are of various types but they are sent on our paths to change the story of our lives.

Life itself is full of mystery,  God uses man for man .

Anyone that wants to go far and go higher in life must understand the principles of uplifting in life .

Until God sends some certain men into our life , things will remain the same .

In So many instances God used men to answer Your Prayer .

God must inspire , lead and ordain Someone concerning Your Life .

Education is essential,  but there are people that with all their level of education they are still stagnated. 

Because someone must employ even the educated. 

This is why Destiny helpers are not always people you expect most of the time , they are people you never think of .

This is why it is essential not to be foolish in the management of your relationship with People. 

This is why you must understand that humans are powerful agents that God uses to answer our Prayer .

This is why any Christian that lacks characters should be pitied .

Because Character is a high currency in the systems of Divine help .

Any successful person that you have seen, check them, they can be tracked to someone that gave them an idea that changed their lives.

》That gave them counsel that changed their lives, 

》that helped them financially, 

》that helped them with wisdom in one way or the other that led to their success in life.

Whether you believe it or Not , you will Always need men .

You will always need someone to play some major role in your life , and you can only access this person through humility. 

Because humility is a high denomination in the Spirit realm to receive something tangible. 

A movie script can be very powerful,  but the script can not act itself,  people are needed for it .

》Likewise the script of your destiny can be very powerful. I want to tell you that people will be needed for the script of your destiny to be a reality. 

At the Same time , it is an error to fold your hands and do Nothing and expect helpers to come .

You must lay your hands on something,  Do something,  because there is always a venue for a connection with your divine helpers. 

The venue , the location  have a lot to do .

Joseph met his destiny helper in the Prison , it was the man he met in the Prison that told the king About him .

Helpers don’t come to a lazy man , God must see the amount of your own effort,  don’t become a lazy Prayer warrior .

Some it is at a labour site that they connect with a helper of Destiny. 


Proverbs 29:23

A man’s pride shall bring him low: but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit.

》Value is knowing the importance of People in your life .

》No matter how big your shop is , you need people to patronise you. 

》No matter how skillful you are , you need people to give you a job to do for them .

》No matter how intelligent you are , you need people to acknowledge that .

》So a business without people is useless 

》A talent without people is useless 

》A Ministry without people is useless 

》Skills,  intellect , talent , and gifts,  without people are useless. 

value  everyone that crosses your path .

A Christian that lacks respect for people should be pitied because he will be abandoned and ignored.

Let this settle in your mind today , in the systems of Divine support,  it is men that God uses for men .

》At some point in your life , you need someone to prophesy into your life .

》At some point in your life , you need someone to give you an idea.

》At Some point in your life , you need someone to teach you a skill .

》At some point in your life , you need someone to counsel you.

》At Some point in your life , you need someone to caution you and warn you .

》All This is playing a major role in your life as a destiny helper , so that the plan of God can be actualized. 

When I say destiny helper , don’t put your attention on the monetary Aspect,  this is far deeper than what you can ever imagine. 


Proverbs 18:16

A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.

You See All of us are destined to solve someone’s Problem in life , and in solving their own Problems,  We might get blessed in return. 

I used “Might” because not everyone is grateful in life , but those who are helpers among them would surely be grateful. 

■ I have helped and supported people who ended up turning against me .

■ I have starved myself to put food on some people’s table , who ended up turning against me .

If my motive of supporting and helping people,  solving peoples problems is to get things in return , I would have stopped a long time ago .

So in life there are people who will always take advantage of you , once their identity is discovered,  forgive but put them aside , this is wisdom for life and it will take you far in life .

Do all things to the Glory of God .

> This is My point , Joseph was able to interpret the dream of the prisoner who later told the king About Joseph. 

If Joseph was unable to interpret that man’s dream , you may not see Joseph in the Palace. (Gene 41:1-16 Pharaoh had a dream )

You have your own responsibility to possess some qualities in your life .

》You have a responsibility to possess some skills in life .

》Because it might be that it is through that medium that you will get connected with a life changer .

》It is a shame for a believer to lack wisdom,  knowledge and understanding. 

Because we have grace , the Holy Spirit,  Anointing,  Prayer , impartation and all it takes to be the best in life. 

Regardless of your age you can still become the best , possess something to offer , because if you have nothing to offer , you may see no one to offer you something. 

If Joseph was unable to interpret Pharaoh Dream  :

1 . He will die with the famine and God’s plan for his life would be terminated. 

2. His father and His brother might also be destroyed by the famine .

Sometimes,  it is your rise that will be a divine support for others members of your family .

If His brothers died , We won’t have the nation of Israel today .

There are many things that would go wrong when We fail to discover and develop our potential. 

A lot of things that happened to many children of God is because of their ignorance. 

Hosea 4:6

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

Regardless of your level in life, you must not stop in praying for a destiny helper.

Because you see, in life we have to possess something, 

your letter must arrive on someone’s table

 or that of your son or that of your children and somebody will be the one to treat it. 

Somebody must be the one  to say I approved it . 

God can enter that person, and he will say, “this one, I will not cancel his paper, I must approve it,” kings will lose sleep because of that man. 

  • Destiny helpers connect you to the top
  • They facilitate your destiny
  • They add value to you
  • They are strategically positioned to help you to arrive at your expected end.
  • Destiny helpers go out of their way to help you
  • They help you navigate through obstacles.
  • They help your ministry, career, family, business etc.
  • They remove barriers for you.
  • Destiny helpers fight on your behalf as if the battle is theirs.
  • They use their network to open up opportunities for you
  • They are positioned by God to make your way smooth.
  • They are ordained by God to assist you.
  • They share their experiences, scars, wisdom and counsel to guide you. 
  • Destiny helpers lift you up when you are down; they correct you and bring you back when you are going the wrong way. 

Many people don’t want to be corrected and hence they keep falling away.

Prayer can bring helpers into manifestations, but character can chase away your helper .

  1. Be honest 
  2. Loyalty 
  3. Self Sacrifice 
  4. Accountability 
  5. Self Control 
  6. Tame Your Tongue 
  7. Calm Manner 
  8. Show compassion 
  9. Stand in Gap in Prayer for them 
  10. Always be grateful 
  11. Stand for him when others let him down
  12. Maintain good communication with them .
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  1. This is so powerful. Thanks for the message. I have lent a lot here. May God bless you so much in Jesus name. Amen.

    1. James Mwesigwa

      Thanks alot,
      Great exposition on the subject. Great insights. 👍 It is the subject I handled at church last Friday.

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