The Works of Faith


The works of grace John 5:1-9

Grace is a free and undeserved favour especially from God. The nature of grace is selective, it doesn’t comes to everybody i.e is not for everybody.

Every grace of God you enjoyed is for His glory to be expressed. Grace is compassionate it doesn’t follow law. It breaks protocols.
When a man found grace before God answers his prayers . Esther 5:8.

If Grace wants to shine in a man, if your glory is in a far place it will surely locate you. E.g Joseph , David etc the grace of God is so sufficient for them.

Your exposure, where you leave, doesn’t matter, no matter what your grace will found you.

What are the Things Grace Does.

1. Grace is a restorer of lost opportunities. E.g Samson, the Prodigal son
2. Grace releases excellent spirit. Dan 6:3
3. Grace present you to be perfect. Titus 2:7
4. Grace magnify God’s talent to become bigger. It makes the best in your work e.g Daniel (the most preferred in Babylon a ordinary slave)
5. Grace is a lifter. It lift a man from nobody to somebody. 1Sam 2:8.

In conclusion:
It takes Grace for someone to make heaven and it’s ellipse. May God help us and His grace will be sufficient for us.

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