Psalms 85:6  Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?

What is Revival  ?

Revivals are a sovereign move of God initiated by the Holy Spirit working through consecrated men and women. 

“Revivals are not churches filled with people, but people filled with God.

It is an invasion of fresh spiritual life when there was only deadness.

It is a turning back of God’s people unto Himself (Lam. 5:21)

The author of this Psalm has once seen the supernatural move of God.

He has once experienced the mighty presence of God.

He has experienced and see the glory of God. 

But now, all these experiences has stopped.

The sanctuary is now a valley of dry bones.

There are many things to discourage than encourage.

The corporate prayer no longer brings down the mighty power of God.

We are living at a time when the supernatural move of God is now becoming history.

We are living at a time that real Pentecostal outpouring is becoming history.

We are living at a time when holiness messages that transform life are becoming history.

We are living at a time that the church of God has lost Her view of eternal things but are desperate for perishable things.

Gone were the days, when God’s mighty presence came down.

Gone were the days, when the glory of God overshadowed the sanctuary.

Gone were the days, when the hearts of men melt for repentance.

What is happening ?

What has happened to the church ?

What has happened to Christians ?

The consciousness of God is now totally dead.

There is now an increase of love for what God hates .

What Kind Of Revival Do We Need  ?

  1. Revival that will turn the professed people of God back from their idols of sin and worldliness to serve the true and living God, to turn from vain worship to the fountain of living water.
  1. A revival in which the word of God will be preached without compromiser or apology.
  2. A revival that will overthrow sin of every kind.
  3. A revival that will take every desire for worldly amusements and abolish every ungodly scheme for raising money for the gospel.
  4. A revival that will sweep away the pride that prompts all worldly conformity and extravagance in dressing and manner of life.
  5. A revival that will save the people of God from covetousness and love of the world.
  6. A revival that will take the people out of their worldly clubs and societies.
  1. A revival that will uncover every device of Satan for deceiving souls, whether found in the church or outside of it.
  2. A revival that will make both the church and the world to realize the shortness of time and the importance of eternity.
  3. A revival that will make heaven and hell, Calvert and the resurrection, salvation from sin, cleansing through the blood, and the gift of the Holy Ghost living realities by the revelation of the Holy Spirit in harmony with the word.
  4. A revival in which the sinfulness of sin will be so revealed, that instead of excusing from it, souls will turn from it. (Romans 7:24).
  5. A revival that will sweep away selfishness,
  6. A revival that like a tornado will sweep away all the old dried up sermons. All the cold formal prayers and all the lifeless singing, and like a whirlwind will carry everyone that comes into the path heaven-ward.
  7. A revival that will fill the hearts of saints with holy love.
  8. A revival that will help the people to honour God with their substance.
  9. A revival in which the presence of God will be so revealed that multitudes will fall under the power of God. And cry for mercy as they did on the day of Pentecost.
  10. A revival that will gloriously defeat the powers of darkness.

But what has happened to God’s people ?

What has happened since to the church?

And what are the sins of the people of God ?

What are the things that have affected the church of God and believers ?

What is really the cause why God’s presence and glory has gone or departed from Many churches ?

  1. Technology has badly affected the church and the believers.
  1.  People are not introduced to God, but to temporal solutions.
  2. Biblical reconciliation is missing.
  1. The new cross was introduced
  1. Worshipping worship instead of worshipping God.
  1. Returning to the things of the world previously forsaken.
  1. Real holiness is missing. Holiness is the habit of one mind with God, according as we find His mind described in the scriptures.

 It is the habit of agreeing with God’s judgement, hating what he hates, loving what he loves and measuring everything in this world by the standard of His word.

  1. Pride – “overwhelming confidence in the flesh”.
  2. Prayerlessness.
  3. Peer pressure.

The Cost of Revival is Personal Loss.

1.      Loss of time – spending it praying, instead of only playing

2.      Loss of sleep – praying whenever the Lord wants you to.

3.      Loss of pride – spend time confessing and agreeing with God how cold you are spiritually.

4.      Loss of food – fasting.

5.      Loss of control – yielding to God’s will, no matter what it may be.

6.      Loss of anything that might block God’s work in your life.

7.      Oh the need for prayer, real prayer by God’s people!

a.       Selfless prayer (no mention of what you may need, only that it is a reviving of your heart and soul)!

b.      Earnest prayer – strong determination!

c.       Holy prayer – the dumping and cleansing of this Temple so that true, honest, prayer can take place in a clean Temple


1 . Personal Evaluation , Admit The Need For Revival. 

Look at yourself like GOD sees you (Psalm 139:23,24)

>.      Look at your sin and see it like God sees it – an abomination, filthy, wicked

>.       Look at your efforts for the Lord and see them for what they really are – pathetic

>.        Check your attitudes and see if Christ is in your thoughts, or lust, and hatred and revenge, and pride and impatience, and bitterness, and stubbornness

2 . Repent of every known sin. (Revelation 2:5; Isaiah 55:6,7).

3. Grieving – start getting upset over your sins, and getting sorry to God for hurting Him most of all (Psalm 51:3,4)

4. Forsake all questionable habits and activities. “For whatever is not from faith is sin” (Romans 14:23).

5 . Make Right any wrongs between yourself and others (Mark 11:25

The life God is expecting from you now is;

  1. Hearing what God speaks.
  2. Believing what God says.
  3. Accepting what God offers.
  4. Doing what God commands.
  5. Avoiding what God prohibits.

You can start this by;

  1. Recognize yourself as a sinner and backslider.
  2. Confess your sins to God.
  3. Start a new life in Christ.
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