Jeremiah 6:16

Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.

Whenever We Open The Pages Of The Scriptures. 

And We Read About Abraham , The man who was visited physically by the Lord. 

And We Read About Joseph Who Became A Prime minister in a strange land .

And We Read about Moses Who Divided the Red Sea .

And We Read About Joshua Who Commanded the Sun and The Moon .

And We Read About Caleb Who was Powerful at the old age like the days of His youth .

And We Read About Jericho that Fell Down .

And We Read about Passover and the Sparing of Israelites firstborn .

And We Read About Gideon Who defeated thousands with just few soldiers. 

And We Read About Jehoshaphat who won war not by spare or arrow but by Praises and Worship. 

And We Read About Daniel that sleeps like a baby in the Den of the Lion .

And We Read About Elijah .

And We Read About   : 

》How they subdued kingdoms 

》How they obtained promises 

》How they stopped the mouths of the lion 

》How they Quenched the violence of fire 

》How they escape the edge of the sword 

》How they were made strong in their weaknesses. 

》How they waxed valiant in fight .

》How they pursue and overtake their enemies.

Whenever we read about this , there is a question in our mind .

“Is The God of Our Father Still Alive , Is the God of our Father Still Moving , Is the God of our Father Still With Us “

The answer is Yes , He is alive , He can Still Moves , He is with Us “

But We lack the Faith and the Trust that our fathers have in God.

How can we walk outside God’s path and expect to see God’s kind of results ? 

》We can’t be doing wrong things and expect to see the right results. 

》Faith as of old is the faith that rejects self and sins , it sentences self to death and the unfruitful deeds of darkness. 

Where the deeds of darkness exist,  there is going to be death of spirituality and Divine results .

》 In these Generations, we have a modernised gospel, a gospel  without the Cross , a gospel that is totally different from the gospel of the bible.

》A gospel that appreciates things that are breaking the heart of God.

》A gospel that celebrates what is making heaven to cry.

》A gospel that welcomes things that are offences to God’s  kingdom, 

》A gospel that approves what heaven disapproves.

》 A gospel that condoles unrighteousness, a compromised gospel.

》How Do We expect The God of Our Fathers to do as of old , when we have neglected the path of our fathers .

a change of priority  has taken place; 

there is a diversion of energy,

》 the energy that is to be used for things that are Godly.

》for things that will make God to be happy, 

》for things that will make the angels of God to celebrate in the kingdom of God,

》The energy is put into things that will break the heart of God.

》A diversion has taken place, the revival of Satan is happening in Christendom, the enemies are left, the Christians are fighting themselves, they have forgotten about heaven, eternity is no longer in view.

If We will See God move like the Days of our Fathers,  Then we must possess the faith of our Fathers .

What Kind Of Faith Does Our Father Have?

  1. It is a faith of “for better or for worse”.

I may be loved. 

I may be appreciated, 

I may be insulted.

Whatever it may be, this faith, this holy faith, I have got hold of it, I will not let it go.

nothing will take it from my hands.

 I have laid my hands on it, I am not going to look back .

because I know if I look back I will not be fit for God’s holy kingdom, that is the faith.

The faith of the father doesn’t need any decoration, it’s a rugged faith, it doesn’t need to be modified.

it doesn’t need to be modernised, it’s a rugged faith, it’s a radical faith.

  1. The faith of our father is a faith of absolute love for God. 

Nothing is competing with that love, the love that nothing can question or interrupt. 

Love is powerful, you are always conscious of your lover, you just want to see or hear him or her.

The same way God wants us to be conscious of our love for him at all times that we are to love him regardless of situations that surround us.

  1. The faith of our father is a faith of absolute obedience without compromise. 

Compromise is not what just happened in a day, 

It is something that happens gradually, it’s a gradual experience.

it’s something that takes place little by little

 it’s a faith of absolute obedience, but you must understand to live in consistent obedience you must continually spend time in the presence of the lord for they that wait upon the lord shall renew their strength, 

it is in waiting upon the lord that you will gain more strength to obey God.

4.The faith of our father is a faith without worldliness. 

A lot of us think worldliness is only when someone puts on ungodly clothes, we don’t know worldliness is deeper than that. 

Someone can be worldly in attitude; a man can be worldly in conversation. 

5. The faith of our father is a faith of eternity in view

When We turn From our Wicked Ways and humble ourselves before God in Repentance and Holiness,  and Pray unto Him , He will make a way where there seems to be no way .

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