Isaiah 60:3 (KJV)  

“And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising.”

I’m not talking about ‘The Fainting Slave’ now; but a warrior. Someone that has been anointed; chosen and ordained by God; that God has raised up as instrument in this endtime, they are the warrior I am talking about. 

I am talking about the believers that have the promise of the Holy Ghost. This is why I want you to pay serious attention to this.

The revelation I saw that day was so shocking and scary. It does not leave me behind. It does not leave the ministers of God behind. If you have the call of God upon your life; if you know yourself as instruments in the hand of God, it does not leave you behind.

I discovered in that revelation that the ministers that God has ordained for this endtime, their ministry/church and they themselves supposed to have gone far, but a power will not allow them (ministry; church; minister) to go far and grow up.

I saw countless people in that revelation. And there are three categories of people. I discovered that everyone in that place where God’s anointed one – special instruments in the hands of God. In fact, the promise of this endtime has been placed upon them.

All the people in that place were apostles; prophets; evangelists; pastors of this time. They are people that are supposed to be moving mountains but in that place is a demonic slave ground.

There were three categories of people. There are some that among them they were tied with shackles from the head to the toe. And they were God’s anointed one. But they couldn’t do anything.

And the second group of people were breaking a big rock. I can’t describe how big that place is. It is very wide and each person is having one durty to the other. But those ones that were chained were just there. And the demons will even come  and begin to torment.

And the last category of people are those with free movement. They can go out of that camp and come in. If they go out, they know that they have to come back to that slaveground. And it happened that I was among the numbers of those people. 

I pray for you that the Lord will deliver you from every power that arrests you.

There was this demon in charge of that place. Beloved, if you see the people that are there, they are special instruments in the hands of God but they didn’t have strength again. They were walking and bending and yet the demons will come there and fling them. And I wondered what I was doing there.

But the demon in charge of that place was too powerful – so powerful that everybody in that slave ground feared him. I saw that he has the power to do anything. He went to some people and just beheaded them. And there was no one among us to challenge his power. 

We do not even discover that even God has been wanting for us to cry out to Him. I saw so many preachers that I know as holiness preachers; the people that I know that are special instruments in the hands of God. I begin to wonder, “What are they also doing in this place?”

But I was meant to understand that the people that are there are instruments for this endtime. And that land is a land of forgetfulness.

As long as a minister is there, the gentiles will not come to the light of their rising. 

Then, I went out of the camp. I didn’t know what I went out to do. I went out and I knew that it was necessary for me to go back there. But as the controller of that place saw me coming and I was shaking, saying in my heart, “Hope he will not do anything to me now?” – I was afraid. 

As I passed beside him, I was using one eye to look at him. And he just threw a javelin and his target was my heart. When he threw the javelin, instead of the javelin to hit my heart, it hit the back of my leg and blood was gushing out. I felt great pain. And I begin to shout, “Oh God arise,…”

I just mentioned it once and it was as if God has been waiting for us to shout for a long time but we did not shou

Immediately, there was lightning in the heaven lies. I have never seen that type of lightning in my life. And that lightning struck the controller of that place and he fell down.

Listen to me, we need to pray.

If you have the call of God upon your life; if you have a ministry or a church, you need to pray seriously.

So when the controller of that slave ground fell down, I saw what I have never seen in my life. I saw different types of family traditional idols – masquerade; sango; oya. Each and every one of them were coming because the oga had fallen. 

All of them have their names. As theru were coming, fire was devouring them.

Listen to me; if you happen to be in that slavery camp, you, your ministry/church are under the control of the idols they are worshipping in your family. And as long as you don’t cry God, I don’t know what will happen.

As those idols were coming the fire was devouring them until the last person. 

Suddenly, the shackles of all the people there – the ministers; fainting warriors, were loosed.

As it loosed, I saw great numbers of people that had been expecting us to escape from that place. We were just running, they were shouting, “They have escaped.”

Isaiah 60:3 (KJV)  

“And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising.”

Listen to me: the world is waiting for your manifestation. 

The world is waiting for the manifestation of your ministry. 

The world is waiting for the manifestation of your church. 

But a power won’t allow you to arise.

I’m praying for you that every power that arrests you shall die in Jesus name.

God has chosen us and anointed us to proclaim liberty to the captive. 

The Lord has chosen us and anointed us to deliver people from satanic prison. And the devil is aware about that fact. He is aware of how important we are in the hands of God. 

And now,God is revealing that many that are supposed to be setting the captives free are still captives themselves. Those that are supposed to lose people in the prison, are still bound with fetters themselves. 

Listen to me, you can never give what you don’t have. It is impossible. Call on a man that is bound from head to toe one million times, can he deliver you?

This moment I want you to be mad at the devil and shout this prayer. 

You host of darkness that will not allow me to arise and shine, scatter by fire in the name of Jesus. 

The people in that slaveground were not common people but uncommon people.

 They have been chosen from their mother’s womb. They have been destined to set the captives free. They have been destined to turn the world upside down. They have  been destined to deliver the captives. They have been anointed and God has deposited a living seed in them but the powers of darkness will not allow those seeds to germinate.

You need to understand that the gentiles cannot come to our light and kings to the brightness of our  rising unless we are delivered from satanic prison.

If I may ask you, “Where are the endtime warriors?”

Do we still have endtime warriors?

And yet the souls that are perishing are increasing day by day.

Instead for us to cry to God, we sit down and make some complaints.

Instead of us shouting and crying to God about our calling, we have wasted many months and years complaining when God is waiting for us to open our mouth to cry to Him. 

The devil has succeeded in bringing down the majority of the endtime warriors. There is a satanic agenda against all endtime warriors. And it is to use all means to make sure that they carry this title about, “THE FAINTING WARRIOR.”

We have been chosen to be the voice of trumpet in this time. But how come that our voices have been silent and wickedness is progressing more and more?

Of course, we are surrounded by churches and ministries but yet there is no single sign of revival. 

It is because the devil has succeeded in breaking the backbone of the church. And the spiritual life of the people that are attending service is nothing to write home about.

The devil has pulled them down. He has chewed them. Their fire is dead and their spiritual strength to fight back is weak.

Assuming they can fight, they would have fought. But the enemy has succeeded in drinking and sucking all their strengths. This is because the devil has put his agents in every corner in order to make us weak. The devil is aware of God’s plan  for this time. And for this purpose he has set traps in every corner and places around all states, communities, countries, continents etc.

The traps in Lagos will be able to trap those in Lagos.

The traps in Abuja will trap those there. The ones abroad will trap those abroad.

To the extent that a short trip to a gas station where gas is being sold can trap you. He has set a commercial satanic agent that will present you with some display of lustfulness in order to make the warrior to be bush meat.

In fact, even in your house, if you are to watch the news, it is almost guaranteed to see a satanic commercial worker that is using some lust to grab your attention in order to suck your spiritual strength. 

The devil has set traps everywhere and put temptations in every place for one purpose  – to silence the endtime warriors.

I am praying for you that if you have entered their trap, the Lord will deliver you.

Even among so-called Christian sisters, there are some that are inspired by the devil in order to dress to kill many destinies; dress and make the spiritual lamps of the endtime warriors to be dead. 

The devil does not leave them behind. He has turned the loves of many sisters upside down through the fashions of the world. If I must ask you sisters, “How many times do you check yourself in the mirror before going out?”

“How many times when you are walking on the road and you see a mirror and always look at yourself?”

The devil has brainwashed many sisters. 

He has brought down many ministers that now they just come to the altar to make noise. But they themselves are aware that the fire on their altar is dead – the fire of prayer is dead. They know that things are not working well in their spiritual lives. And now, the devil is now boasting against God and pointing his finger to God saying, “Where are your warriors? They are now in my prison. They are now in my bondage.”

If you are there, the Lord will deliver you in Jesus name.

Exodus 4:1-5 (KJV)  

“And Moses answered and said, But, behold, they will not believe me, nor hearken unto my voice: for they will say, The LORD hath not appeared unto thee.

The children of Israel were in bonfage – the bondage of the Egyptians. And the needed to be delivered from that slavery because they were seriously oppressed by the Egyptians. And the Lord declared that the time of their deliverance has come. And the Lord went to meet Moses in order to commission him to deliver God’s people. 

When God spoke to Moses about his commission to go and rescue His people, Moses was doubting they would believe him. He was thinking that they would demand for a sign in order to be convinced that truly God sent him.

And the Lord told him to do a simple thing and asked, “What is that in your hand?”

(2) And the LORD said unto him, What is that in thine hand? And he said, A rod.

(3) And he said, Cast it on the ground. And he cast it on the ground, and it became a serpent; and Moses fled from before it.

(4) And the LORD said unto Moses, Put forth thine hand, and take it by the tail. And he put forth his hand, and caught it, and it became a rod in his hand:

(5) That they may believe that the LORD God of their fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, hath appeared unto thee.”

And when he left that spot of the burning bush where God spoke to him, the rod in his hand was no longer his rod but the rod of God. 

There is something in you like the rod of Moses. That the enemy has arrested; some sins have arrested. 

If you remember very well, it was with that rod that Moses was performing signs and wonders. It was that rod that swallowed the rod of the Egyptians. It was that rod that he struck to the Red Sea and it paved the way for the people of God to pass through.

Listen to me; there is something in your life like the rod of Moses. There is something in your ministry like the rod of Moses. There is something in your church like the rod of Moses. That if you don’t have it, your ministry; church and yourself will be a dwarf before the enemy.

Listen to me; this rod has now been stolen away, but today you must say NO to the devil.

“My rod, the rod of my ministry; of my church; of my life; of my destiny, I must get it back.”

What else will I say about what killed the great warriors, Demas? He left a glorious inheritance. He left it because he loved this present world.

Hope you have not lost your rod?

Hope you have not lost your position in God because of this present world?

And now you are a fainting warrior. You don’t even have the strength to pray again. You are now reading the Bible like newspapers. You don’t even understand the word of God again. You don’t even understand your calling again. 

Or maybe you are like Esau who would have inherited the covenant but sold his birthright for a mess pottage.

What about Reuben?

He exchanged his firstborn right and position for a love affair with his father’s wife.

What about Judas Iscariot?

He was supposed to be among the twelve that would judge the twelve tribes of Israel. He lost it because of 30 pieces of silver.

What has the devil offered you to take your ministry from you?

What has the devil.pfferes you to take your church from you?

Yes, you may be the Founder; or General Overseer or one of the important members in the church but the manifestation of God is not there again. The move of God is not there again. 

What has the devil offered you to take these precious things of your life?

You are not supposed to be at this level.

I pray that any power and arrow of stagnancy assigned to monitor your life and ministry, I command them to die in the name of Jesus. 

What has the devil offered you in replacement of your divine anointing?

What has the devil offered you in replacement of your divine assignment?

What has the devil offered you in replacement of your destiny?

What has he offered you in replacement of your glorious ministry?

What has he offered you in replacement of your divine and uncommon gifts?

You know how you are before. 

You know who you are before. 

You know how you always think the things of the spirit.

How you used to hear the voice of God. 

How you will be given a message to write and the Lord would have given you what to write. But now, that manifestation has stopped because some powers have arrested you. 

You need to awake thou fainting warrior. You must awake because the Lord is calling on you to awake.

You dream of liberty and you keep on saying, “Peace! Peace! Peace”, but you fastened in bondage. You are bound with irons and fetters in the hands of the strong man that has armed himself. 

Satan is now in full possession of your soul and you keep going down day by day.

At times you even go into fasting and you will eat even before the time. That is because the strength is not there. You have said you want to do vigil and you set an alarm. But before the alarm even rings out loud, you remove the battery and fling it away. You are a fainting warrior.

They have captured you; silence you and arrested you. You don’t even have any strength again. All your shouting does not even move the devil, talk less of calling the name of Jeaus.

When you call on the name of Jesus, it appears to be like a smoke in your mouth.

You carry the Bible without power. You preach the gospel without the Holy Ghost. And now things have turned upside down. And you keep saying, “Lord why? You are the one o. You are the One o.”

I pray for you that every power that arrested you that wants to disgrace you; your church and ministry, shall die.

Fainting warrior, you need to arise and call on your God because a mighty tempest is stirred up around you. And you are sinking into the depth of perdition. You need to stand up and store up yourself. You lay hold on the Lord who is mighty to save.

You cry out like that jailer in the Bible and say, “What must I do to be saved?”

Why can’t you see your picture in the condemned Peter lying in the dark dungeons with two soldiers and bound with chains?

The keeper of the prison door stood at the entrance of the prison.

Why can’t you see your picture in that?

You are chained with two fetters in that dungeon between two demons. And they stand beside you and are saying, “Our mission and plan is to ensure that you never arise and escape from this place.”

I am praying for you that because of you the angel of the Lord will arise this morning. 

You don’t even have strength again. All strengths are gone and you are aware about that. The one you do in the midst of the brethren, you know you are just fumbling. You know that you don’t have strength again. All strength and power are gone. And you have now lost everything.

I pray the Lord will arise for your sake in Jesus name.

Listen to me: Peter was in that prison waiting for his execution. 

The night was far spent and the morning was at hand when he was executed. 

Listen  to me; in that revelation, that demon moved from one warrior to the other. He will just look at them and grab them and use something to cut the head away.

I pray that any power that has stolen your calling shall vomit it.

And the demons have been saying, “One year more. One month more. One week more that we are going to execute him finally.”

The fainting warriors are in the devil’s hand; on the brink of the pit and on the brink of everlasting destruction.

And God has been waiting for them to calm on Him for help. 

If the brethren didn’t pray for Peter, Herod will just execute him.

Pastor, listen carefully, if you fall your members will not pray for you o. They will go to another church. That’s what I want you to know.

If the member of your church falls, you enter dry fasting and say, “Lord, raise him/her. Bring him/her back.”

But immediately you fall, they pack their Bible and bag and just leave.

The one you even think loves you, you will nownsiscover that the love is just eyes service. They will just pack their load and leave.

I am praying for you that every power that says, “I will disgrace you openly”, shall be disgraced in the name of Jesus. 

Listen to me: at times, when your fire has died you cannot come to the pulpit and announce to your members, “Brethren, my fire is dead oo. Be praying for me oo.

Have you seen that before?

And you keep on dying in the secret there.

Before you can prepare a sermon, you will struggle and struggle. You come to the altar and begin to stammer. You don’t even know what you are saying but you are just talking and talking. That’s because you are already a fainting warrior.

You can’t preach the Bible powerfully again because something has happened in your inner life; the fire on the altar has died; the anointing has died; the spiritual eyes have been removed.

I am praying that today is your time of RESTORATION.

No matter the years that you have been bound in that slave ground; no matter the years that your ministry have been there; no matter the years that your calling and church has been there, immediately you call on the Lord this morning He will arise.

Those prosperity preachers are already “suyas’ for the devil. The devil is very much interested in the holiness preachers. And this is why those that are supposed to have reformed the church are the ones that were in that prison. How come?

“I do fasting. I pray. At times I go to the mountains. How come I am there?”

Should I tell you the secret?

Some sins have given access to the jailer to arrest you. And unless you deal with that sin, you cannot come out from there.

There are some besetting sins which you think doesn’t matter. But those sins have given access to the enemy to arrest you and the qualities of your life.

The Lord has promised to set us fire for the endtime ministry.

Now, if you have heard about some men of power; of fire that turned the world upside down, you will know they were men of prayer. They prayed times without number.

If you have heard of a particular man of God or church or ministry that is seriously burning for God, the secret behind their fire and power is secret prayer.

I always tell our people that there is no powerful man of God without a powerful prayer life.

When your prayer life is dead, you are a dead man.

When your secret prayer life is nowhere to be found, you are dead.

God will be waiting for you times without number but will not see you because you are occupied with duties.

“I will prepare the program. I will prepare sermons. I will go and sing. I will do this and that.”

And because of all these, you don’t have time for your personal self.

God is looking for a man and that is “Me”.

God is looking for a man that He will use; bestow His power upon such a person in order to win the prodigal world into Himself.

Listen carefully to me: there are three (3) forms of prayer that every warrior must have. If you don’t have them, the devil can do whatever he likes with you.



What does that mean?

Communion is not a petition.

You are alone in your privacy. You don’t say anything after praise and worship. But just sit down thinking about God for the space of sometime (an hour; 2 hours; 20 mins; 30mins; 40mins; 4 hours etc)

You just stay there after you have praised God. And just thinking about Him – His power; His love; His holiness; His attributes; the wonders of the cross etc.

You only think of Him but don’t ask Him anything. That is the secret life of those great revivalists of the ancient time.


This is when you utter something to God and say, “Oh Lord, this is what I want you to do.”

Listen to me, if you see a minister only on the altar, don’t think that the anointing us specially there. Before he comes to the pulpit, he has first charged himself like the way batteries will power a car.

He has connected himself to the Holy Ghost in his closet.

Then you see him on the altar and he is displaying what the Lord has filled him with in that closet.


This prayer is not the one you pray for yourself. You say, “Lord, save that town.”

“Lord, save that person.”

“Lord, go and do something in that church.”

These three instruments are the secret life of the men of God that brought down revival. 

If you don’t want to be a fainting warrior, you must always be in communion with God.

If you don’t want to be a fainting warrior, you must bit ignore petitions.

If you don’t want to be a fainting warrior, you must not forsake intercessory prayer.

I throw this question to you today:

Are you a fainting warrior?

You see, if I say, “If you are not a fainting warrior, raise up your hand” almost everyone will raise up their hands.

Right in your heart you know who you are. 

You know how far you have gone from the Lord. You know what has happened to your spiritual gifts. You know what has happened to your spiritual life.

And the Lord keeps on saying about you, “Where are you in My presence?” Because He can’t see you again.

But I pray that as you are going to pray today, the Lord will arise. You will not remain a fainting warrior.

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