Exodus 4:1-5 (KJV)  

“And Moses answered and said, But, behold, they will not believe me, nor hearken unto my voice: for they will say, The LORD hath not appeared unto thee.

And the LORD said unto him, What is that in thine hand? And he said, A rod.

And he said, Cast it on the ground. And he cast it on the ground, and it became a serpent; and Moses fled from before it.

And the LORD said unto Moses, Put forth thine hand, and take it by the tail. And he put forth his hand, and caught it, and it became a rod in his hand:

That they may believe that the LORD God of their fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, hath appeared unto thee.”

You must understand that everyone whom God raised up is the answer to the prayer of those who are in spiritual bondage that are crying desperately for deliverance. The people of Israel were in bondage of the Egyptians, and they needed to be delivered from their slavery. They were being seriously oppressed and suppressed. And God declared that the time of their deliverance has come. I want to tell you that the time of your deliverance has come.

God was looking for a man that He will use in order to deliver the people of God from bondage. Every time God raises a man up, it is to answer the cry of the helpless. It is the answer to the cry of those who are afflicted. When God raises a man up in his generation, you must know that somebody has been crying secretly for divine intervention.

When the ministry first moved to the campground, a woman said, “I’ve been crying in my secret place that God will bring a man that will teach me His mind, show me His way and bring back my Christian life.” Every time God raises up a ministry, it is an answer to the cry of those who are in affliction. 

God went to meet Moses and commissioned him to go and deliver the people of God. When God spoke to him about the commission to go and rescue the people of God, Moses didn’t believe and he said the people will not believe him. He was thinking that they would demand for signs and wonders to be convinced that the Lord has sent him indeed. Jesus said that people will not believe without signs and wonders. It means that every messenger of God must not be in a hurry to deliver the message given but must wait to receive the power that will backup the message.

The Lord told Moses one simple thing, “What is that in your hand?” And he said, “A rod.” And God told him to cast that rod on the ground and he did. The Bible made us understand that the rod became a serpent. Then God ordered him to pick it up by the tail and the serpent became the rod again. But this time around, it was a different rod.

When Moses departed from the spot of the burning bush where God spoke to him, the rod in his hands was no longer his rod but the rod of God. But before it became the rod of God, the instruction was that it had to be casted down. When he casted it down and picked it back up, it became the rod of God. It was no longer Moses’ rod but the rod of God.

You must understand that the encounter that Moses had built in him absolute faith and trust in God. There is a level of encounter that everyone needs. You can’t encounter God when you come to His presence and you don’t have any desire to see God. When you come to God’s presence all you do is sleep and dosing.

There is a level of encounter that everyone needs that will change his life and make his life, victory, breakthrough, achievements and deliverance to be a mystery to the enemy. That people will be saying, “How did he get the victory?” “How did he achieve that?” It will make his life a mystery. 

Anyone that will be useful and relevant in life needs a divine encounter with the God of power. 

You must understand that in this dark age we have found ourselves, many rods that can be made divine, mysterious and supernatural have been carelessly gathered into the flame of sin and carnality. And this is why we have empty barrels hereabout. We have people that will sit under a sermon of divine fullness but have nothing to offer their generation. 

I remember when I was desperately seeking God for power. I wanted Him to speak and address some certain things about my life. I will go for vigils that I wasn’t even invited to. Whenever they’re preaching or a prophecy is coming out, I will listen carefully and Meditate on whatever they say. It will become the subject of my prayer.

But in our day, all the young people strive for is beauty and fashion. They don’t know that what makes one’s life beautiful and handsome is the glory of God present. Listen carefully, Sarah didn’t decorate her life with jewelries and make up her life to he beautiful. The Bible tell us that she put on the ornament of meekness. Her life was decorated with divine jewelleries.

The first thing we must understand is that a life that lacks encounter with God – the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, has nothing to offer his generation. In the parable of the sower, the man who sowed the seed got the seed from the master. It was the same type of seed just that it fell on different places. 

The seed that will produce life can only be gotten from the Master. The life that will shake and change this generation must be a life that has an encounter with God. This is why Paul the Apostle came across come disciples and he asked, “Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed?” This is because the Holy Ghost turned his life around. He turned the life of Peter, Philip and the disciples around.

The only way you can turn the world upside down is when you have an encounter with God. The rod has a significant meaning in the Bible. 


1.Firstly, the rod is meant to lead the people.

2. The rod is meant to rule the people.

3. The rod is the tool of comfort and deliverance. This is why the Bible says;

Psalms 23:4c (KJV)  “….thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

4. The rod is to bring fierce judgment over those who reject and rebel against the God of heaven.

God wanted to lead the nations and His people. He wants to lead us with His divine rod.  He wants to rule our nations with His divine rod. He wants to comfort us with His divine rod and deliver us from the hands of the oppressors. We must understand that those that will not allow the rod to lead and rule them, the rod shall break them.

When Moses went to the land of Egypt, with the message, “Let my people go.” That was the gospel for him. The Gospel of deliverance and freedom from slavery and the territory of pharaoh. When he went there, Pharaoh replied, “Who is that God that I should obey Him and let his people go to serve him?”

And when he would not allow the rod to rule him, the rod broke into pieces the first born in Egypt, turned the waters into blood and brought judgment on the nation. The same thing is applicable in the time of Noah. Noah, the Ark and his message was a rod of comfort telling people about the judgment of God on the earth and preaching repentance.

Noah was mocked as if they were saying, “It seems sometimes is wrong with you and old age is affecting you. Where is the rain coming from? Maybe you’re drunk.” Noah didn’t finish the Ark for many years. For about 120 years, God was calling these people to repent through Noah and they kept on laughing. It seemed as if the rain would never come, but the judgment definitely came.

Anyone that does not allow the rod to lead him, the rod will break him. I pray that the rod of God will not break me.

Exodus 4:20 (KJV)  

“And Moses took his wife and his sons, and set them upon an ass, and he returned to the land of Egypt: and Moses took the rod of God in his hand.”

In the beginning of the chapter, it was called his rod but in verse 20, it was called “the rod of God in his hand.” Throughout the mission of Moses from Egypt to the wilderness, it was this rod that was performing signs and wonders. It was this rod he threw down before Pharaoh that turned into a serpent. 

It was this rod that swallowed all other rods of the Egyptian magicians. It was this rod that he stretched over all the waters of Egypt and they turned to blood. He struck the ground of Egypt with this rod and the dust turned into lice. This rod was the same rod he stretched over the Red Sea and it parted into two. 

It is very powerful. This is because he laid it down before the Lord. It was this rod he stretched over the waters of the land, and the Bible makes us understand that frogs came forth from them and covered every place.

When Moses stretched it forth on the red sea, it parted the Red Sea and made way for the people of God. He stretched forth the rod again and the water covered the armies of Egypt and their chariots.

The question is, what is it that is about this rod? The question the Lord is asking us today is: “What is that in your hand?” It was the same question the Lord asked Moses. At that time what was in his hand was not a sword or cutlass, it was just a rod.

If you’ve seen a herdsmen, they normally use a stick to direct their cows. Moses as a shepherd looking after the sheep of his in-laws. Funny enough, it was very strange that he has an ordinary stick. Yet, God turned it into a mystery.

What is that in your hand? For Moses, it was a rod. And God instructed him to put it down. He dropped it and it turned into a serpent. Moses tried to run from it but God called him back and told him to pick it up by the tail. Why not the head? It means that the judgment and anger of God on the enemy of God – those that will reject the message that will come from the mouth of Moses. 

When you look at the ministry of Moses, there were lots of things that happened that were so strange. Especially the case of those people that rebelled against him. Moses said, “If truly God has called me, these people shall not die a common death.” And the earth opened her mouth and swallowed them. It was the judgment of God. 

In the case of Miriam, she became leprous when she spoke against Moses. We must be careful of familiarity. Familiarity can make us talk to a man of God anyhow which can bring the judgment of God upon us. God will not allow His anointed to be touched. God will deal with whoever tries that.

What am I trying to say? There is something in your hand that God wants to use to accomplish a mighty purpose. Say, “There is something in my hand that God wants to use to accomplish a mighty purpose.”

Pray this prayer: Oh Lord, every magician that is challenging me, let them kill themselves. 

What is that thing in your hand that the Lord has committed unto your hand?

Is it a drama ministry? Is it music? Is it writing? Is it teaching? Is it counseling? Is it artwork? Is it graphic design? Is it decoration? Is it ushering? 

What is that gift that God has placed into your hands to affect your generation? There is no child of God that comes into this world empty-handed. When I first gave my life to Christ, I never believe that I will be writing movie scripts later. I didn’t even have interest in movies. I had zero interest in it. It had never come to my mind, but the ability was there. 

I just didn’t know that it was there, until the Lord began to lay strongly in my mind, “I have put the grace there, you can do it. You can bring the truth to homes through your movies. You can bring revival to the land through your movies.” What is that in your hand? He has put in you the ability and the grace. You must understand that there is no child of God that is empty. You are not empty. 

There are some people in this ministry that when they came here, they discovered that they have some potential in them, especially those in the drama team. Sometimes when I look at what they’re doing or the film they act in, I will begin to ask myself, “If this person didn’t come to this ministry, would this ability just die? Will it just remain there without manifesting?”

What am I trying to say? Inside every child of God, He has planted something to help him make a difference in his/her generation. There are a lot of things that God taught me that will cost me millions of naira if I want to learn from people. 

Once I see it, I create an interest in it and believe I can do it. And because I believe I can do it, then I will begin to do personal training on it. Sometimes, I will sleep late at night because I’m doing research. I want my understanding about it to increase. This is because I know that by knowing this thing, it is going to help the ministry.

When we started the ministry, we used to produce our messages at a very high cost. The man that used to edit the video will just pack everything together without doing anything special and he will collect a huge amount of money. He will then tell me that it is because I am a pastor he is collecting a small amount of money.

One day, it just came to my mind that u can actually know how to do it. I entered the bus to where the man was working. Luckily for me he was not around. Then I asked the lady working with him, “Please, can you tell me the name of the software you’re using?” She told me. When she told me, I appreciated her. I went to Alaba to buy different types of software and installed them on my system and I started practicing with it.

We also went to computer Village and bought many of them and I was doing them on my own. And one day, I just received a message that I should write the movie, “48 hours in Hell.” You can search for the movie on YouTube. As a result of the revelations I have seen, I wanted the movie to be so real.  It wanted the animation, graphics and the set to be real.

I knew that if I wanted to give it to somebody to do it for me, it would cost me a lot of money. Then, I started learning online. I went on research and watched lots of videos. The more I watched, the more I was getting more inspiration about how to do it.

When we finished shooting the movie,  it came to the editing part. It came to my mind, “How can I put someone inside a prison?” And inspiration was just coming, “Do it this way. Get this.” And by the time I was true with it, I myself didn’t believe it. There were some professionals who watched it and they sent me messages. They said, “This is so cool. The setup, animation and filming.” I didn’t know that the ability was in me and I had been wasting money on people that will do rubbish.

I am praying for every youth here, that thing that is in you that will make you a blessing to your generation, the Lord will raise it up in the name of Jesus.

When we did the first movie, “How Devil Stops our Prayer,” till today the movie is still blessing lives by the grace of God. The eyes of people have been opened to deep things. But to a man, It seemed impossible. The gift is there. If you’re the type of person that you do forget something, that problem is over today in the name of Jesus. 

You must understand that the problem of forgetfulness is an enemy of divine potential. When I was in school, remembering things helped me a lot. I used my school books as gifts for the Bible quiz (I’m not asking you to do that). God gave me a kind of brain that can quickly take in many things. So, when I’m alone I can remember everything.

During examinations, I used to remember everything and examples the teacher gave in class. How did it happen? There was a prayer I prayed, “Oh Lord, release into my life that anointing and spirit of excellence.” And that anointing is coming upon every youth reading this today.

Some people will ask me, “How did you know this thing?” And I’ll tell them, “I just know it by the grace of God.”

God has planted in you what will be a blessing to your generation. Every movie I wrote has connected me with different people from different parts of the world. It has brought revival into many lives. It has brought people to repentance. It has changed the spiritual level of many people. 

You must understand that there is something in you that will make you fulfill the purpose of your living. It can be a calling, a ministry or a mandate from God for your generation. It is that thing that will single you out among the crowd. Your potential will connect you to destiny helpers. It will put your seat in the midst of great men. It will bring food to your table. It will bring money to your pocket. I’m telling you the facts. God has put that thing there.

There is a divine assignment for your generation for which the Lord has sent you into this world. It is the major thing that we know Noah for was the Ark he built. If he didn’t build any Ark, we would not know him or waste our time talking about him.

What do we know Solomon for? He built the temple of God. Solomon was not the only son of David. David had many children but why was Solomon always the talk of every church? It is because he built the temple of God. What do we know about David? What is he known for? Firstly, he defeated Goliath. Every child here that has a Christian background knows the immediate answer to the question, “Who killed Goliath?”

David is also known for his Psalms. Majority of the Psalms were written by David. In fact, in some churches all they talk about is the Psalms. We know David also for composing songs and in the midst of these, sometimes he would start writing prophecies. Infact, one of the people that prophesied the coming of the King of kings was David.

What do we know Gideon for? He defeated the Midianites with his 300 soldiers. Just imagine for 300 soldiers to defeat 120,000 soldiers. Humanly speaking, no matter how strong the country may be, 300 soldiers can’t defeat 20,000 soldiers, how much more 300 soldiers conquering over 100,000 soldiers. 

What do we know Joseph for? A Hebrew man who became a prime minister in a gentile nation. He ruled in Egypt and preserved the whole nation from terrible drought. He also preserved the household of Jacob.

What do we know Esther for? She reigned as Queen at Shushan Palace and delivered the Jews from the conspiracy of Haman. In every modern church today, Queen Esther is talked about.

Any great name in the Bible, had an assignment they performed in their generation for the Lord. And anytime we mention their name, we must mention what they did. God is now saying, “There is something I have put I side you that will make you a voice in your generation.” That thing will connect you to unknown people. It will expand the kingdom of God. 

A lot of people who are loaded with potential and are supposed to be threats to the devil are being pressed down by bad friends. The Bible says that, “Iron sharpens iron.” If you walk with a wooden friend, he will kill the potential of God in your life. For some, it is the church that they attend that is killing what is in them. I’m telling you the facts.

What is that thing in your hand? What is that thing that would have impacted your generation? Is that rod the rod of drama? Is it the rod of music? Is it the gift of writing? Is it the gift of drawing? Is it the gift of acting? Is it the gift of counseling?

Some people are holding the rod of music and they die unheard. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I command the rising of that thing that will make you a blessing to your generation. 

Others are holding the rod of utterance and teaching. Some are gifted with the gift of administration like Joseph. The divine gift in your hand is a rod the Lord has given to you to cause a mighty deliverance to God’s people. 

When Moses was asking for signs and wonders to convince the people of God on his commission, the Lord told him one important thing, “Cast it on the ground.” As long as you’re still holding it as your own, entitled it as your own, hiding it, it will not be useful. It was until Moses casted it down.

There are some things you must cast down from your life before you can be useful for God. There are some things the Lord wants you to cast out. There are some things He wants you to send out before you can be a blessing to your generation. 

You cannot be entertaining the spirit of gossiping and expect the fullness of God to take over your life. You cannot allow the spirit of backbiting and expect God’s fullness.

Something happened to Isaiah. He has been prophesying judgment – woe – on Israel. The day Isaiah had an encounter with God, the first thing that came out from his mouth was, “Woe is me.”

Isaiah 6:5 (KJV)  

“Then said I, Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, the LORD of hosts.”

Before then, he was prophesying woe upon the nation. When he had an encounter with the Holy God, he realized himself.

Isaiah 6:6-7 (KJV)  

“Then flew one of the seraphims unto me, having a live coal in his hand, which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar:

And he laid it upon my mouth, and said, Lo, this hath touched thy lips; and thine iniquity is taken away, and thy sin purged.”

He was purged. After this encounter, the first prophecy that came from the mouth of Isaiah was the prophecy of the birth of Jesus.

You must understand that it doesn’t matter who you are. You may be a prophetess – a backbiting and gossiping prophetess. Until your life is purged, you cannot pass the message that this generation needs. Until your life is purged, you cannot deliver the message that will bring the life of God into the lives of men.

Moses casted his rod on the ground. Some are still holding lust in their hands. Some are still holding secret sin in their hands. And God is saying, “As long as you hold it, they won’t allow your potential to show up.” They will silence the voice of what God has put into your life.

There are some things you must cast out before God has released His fullness into your life. “Cast it on the ground.” God told Moses that he was on a holy ground and God was there with him. Telling Moses to cast the rod on the ground means that the rod was to be casted down on the ground before God. 

And when he did, the rod became a serpent and when he picked it up it became the rod of God. That is the secret of achieving signs and wonders with the rod of drama, music and whatever gift God has handed over to you. 

Until you cast it down before the Lord, He cannot use it to perform signs and wonders. Casting down your gift of acting, singing etc, before the Lord will empower the gift to fulfill its purpose. Whatever gift the Lord has given to you, cast it down. You can compose stories or be gifted with writing scripts. The Lord expects you to lay it on the altar. 

When you lay it on the altar, the Lord will empower it that the magicians and sorcerers of Egypt will not be able to withstand. As long as you hold it as your own and that you can do whatever you like with it, it will not perform signs and wonders that the Lord has created it to perform in your hand.

Let me tell you something. 99% of these artists that are singing nude today came from the church. Most of them were once choristers in a church, go and find out. Those who are acting in Nollywood movies are not promoting the kingdom of God.

Unfortunately, many Christians are watching those movies. They encourage you to go to herbalists whenever there is a problem. They encourage all sorts of evil. This is why if you look at little children today, you will be hearing terrible slang in their mouths. You will hear a little boy say, “Gbe body ee” (carry your body). 

Many Christians are saying these slangs and they say they’re going to heaven. Heaven is far from such people. That is the fact. You cannot live your life like the people of the world and stay with the saints in heaven. Those movies do not encourage godliness. They encourage unrighteousness, impurities, money rituals and teach you evil things. 

In the past, I was an addicted film watcher. I could watch films from night till day break, until the Lord told me it was wrong. The encounter I had with God changed so many things I didn’t even know were wrong. 

While there are Christians who claim that they’re going to heaven and they are watching useless films. Films where people will wear charm on their bodies and go to the battlefield, shooting themselves with native God and making incantations. Now, let me ask you, what do you learn from that? There is nothing you learn from that. They’re just time wasters.

And you will still go to church and call the name of the Lord after watching those kinds of movies. What is it doing in your life? If you’re watching them, what is their impact on your Christian life? Think about it. They have no meaning. Instead, they will build a strange character in you, and make your children rebellious. 

When I used to watch magic films when I was very young, if I’m alone I would start gesticulating after looking left and right to ensure no one was watching. I expect something to come out from my hands and a kind of breeze should blow just the way it happens in those films. 

Go and check your children that are watching those movies. They’re doing it except you want to deny it. And when they see that nothing is coming from their hand, one day they will look for herbalists that will make something actually come out from their hands. Don’t bring such films into your house. They’re not good for you but will adversely affect you and mislead you. 

Those movies are teachers to many people. They do what movies teach them – how to lie, cover sin, and be smart in cheating people. They will tell you that you can use another’s belongings without their permission or even returning it back. They will teach you about what they call “awoof.” 

In a situation whereby you’re given excess change after buying something, they’ll tell you that you don’t need to return it back but spend it because you’re “lucky” to have it. Christians are not to watch those movies. Most of those nollywood actors were once drama ministers in their church before they started using it for the devil.

You must understand that if you will be useful for God in the gift God has given to you, you must not be seeking fame and money. If fame and money is the end of what you have, you will compromise. 

A man once sang that, “If I die, do not cry for me.” Within that few years, he became very popular, but all of a sudden he had a very fatal motor crash after he released that song. I believe that there must have been a bargain between him and Satan. Satan must have been demanding for what he could not give. Satan has first deceived him by giving him fame, money and popularity. 

The songs he sang were everywhere. You will see youths walking and shaking their heads, listening to the song. It even became a dance on the altar of pentecostal churches. And all of a sudden, he released the song, “If I die, do not cry for me.” And some people are singing that song. Then we just suddenly heard that he died.

When Satan gives you a cap, he will take your head from you. Don’t use that gift you have for Satan. There are some people who can talk very well. You can convert that talking to the gift of God and use it in Christian drama. There are scenes that will be fit for it. You will have enough time to talk but it will be for the glory of God.

While some of you, God has given you the grace of singing and you can convert it to be useful for God. But, you must understand that before God will use any man, He will first change him. Your gift is not meant for you but for the deliverance of the world, salvation of souls, revival of the body of Christ. But, you must release it before the Lord before it can be the rod of God.

There was a film that encouraged suicide. “I’m tired of life. What am I living for? If I die now, I will go beyond and rest.” He put the bullet on his head and fired himself. Unfortunately for him, according to the film, he was welcomed “Oh, life is terrible.” Can you see that? They teach error. That is why we see that suicide is so common nowadays. 

People will lock their door and drink sniper. This is because they have seen that if they die, there is a place they will go and rest. While some religious set of people say that when one dies untimely, he/she will appear in Abuja and if lucky, abroad. And the person will live the rest of the remaining years elsewhere. 

So, because God said you will die at age 90, but end up dying at age 27, they’re saying that the remaining years will be spent elsewhere. And some will even say, “I saw him in that place. I’m very sure he is the one.”

Let me ask you: when someone dies and is buried, but they claim to see the person somewhere else, is it real? 

Let me explain why people think so. The Bible says:

Hebrews 9:27 (KJV)  

“And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:”

When a soul that is not born again goes to hell, and they have buried the body, would God send him out from the fire so that he can love another life in another state or country? And then God will say, “Later you can come back to heaven, that is, if you repent.” No!

The purpose why anyone will see someone that is dead and in another place is because the person is actually there. But it is not the real person, it is a demon incarnate. The purpose of it is to eradicate that passage of the scripture and put into the minds of people that they can die and still go to another place to continue their life.

Do you know that evil spirits are real? They are real. There was an incident that took place somewhere. These people were in a bus and as they were in a bus, there was this lady that put on a wig. Something happened, the lady started to shout all of a sudden, “Give me my hair! Give me my hair!” And pulled the hair out by force and jumped out from the bus near a lagoon, entered there and vanished. It us a real life story. I pity all of you that are using attachments on their hair. You’re endangering your life.

I had once spoken about what myself and Bro Joshua experienced when we went to the beach to pray one day. We rested under a tent and woke up to pray that night. Normally at the beach, the wind is very strong at night. Suddenly, we saw a person but we can’t identify if it was a man or woman. This person looked so mysterious and was coming from the sea towards where we sat down. The person was wearing a kind of cloth that wind was blowing the garment, just the way it happens in horror movie.

The person was coming towards the tent with speed. I and bro Joshua looked at each other. It was in the midnight and we can’t even run to anywhere. It was as if something just held us down there as we sat down looking. Although, we were not afraid. As the person kept coming we were watching. As he/she was about to near the tent, I just heard a very still voice that said, “On the touch in your hand.” I switched on and switched off the touch in my hand. Immediately I did that, the person turned back.

Immediately, the person left it was as if we were put into a river of fear. We became very afraid. The prayer we prayed that day was an unripe prayer. The kind of prayer that is nit really coming from the heart. One part of our heart was just praying for the day to break. When we pray a while, I told bro Joshua that this would be my last time of coming there to pray at night. He said the same thing. We will pray, sleep and wake up severely but the day was still dark.

Do you know that kind of person we saw can go to club house and somebody will carry her. That person can even go to church. Will you know that he/she is coming from the sea? Nobody will know except God open your eyes.

Infact, there was the story of somebody I heard. Two people got married to each other and the lady was an agent of darkness. When the man ran to Mountain of Fire and there was a serious prayer, the woman disappeared and everything in the house disappeared with her. She didn’t come with truck to pack anything. I know that she will still go to another place to look for another victim that will fall into her hands. Evil spirits are so real.

That’s why people will say they saw a dead person elsewhere. A lot of things are happening. You will ask, “How can an evil spirit impregnate somebody?” It happened in Genesis. So if you’re asking, “How come he has a son?” That’s the explanation. There are evil spirits and powers behind this in order to make us not to believe the world of God. So that if we believe that when we die or kill ourselves we can go and live elsewhere.

There was a game that was released. The game has different levels and at the last level, the can ask you to jump from a high building. There are people who do that and kill themselves. Strange things are happening and the devil is behind all these.

There is something in you that the Lord want to use for His own glory. The target of that drama and music ministry is not to satisfy some group of fans. This is what we see today. Many music are produced to please people. This is why when you watch the music videos of the songs you sing in church, it will discourage you from singing them. 

They are full of immoralities – immoral dressing and worldliness. The songs are good but the lifestyle is very terrible. Why? If you look at the beginning of some of these gospel artistes, they were not like that but the marketers will tell them, “Do it like this. This is what people want. It will sell very well if you use this kind of beat.” They will be singing the song of God and be using the beat of whizkid.

People are now after the beats of the sing and nor the lyrics. You must not use that gift for Satan but for God. You can sing it in a modest way and it will bless lives. It is not until you put ob legging and shake your buttocks before people can buy your songs. 

99% of gospel artistes (as we call them today because there is no difference again between them and the world. The only difference is that they have migrated to the dressing of old pop singers. What the ladies do these days is that they put on ordinary pants and bra) now go to the lifestyle of those old hip hop singers. Their backup dancers now put on leggings and bomba shorts.

I come across a popular musician who gave his life to Christ. He told me that the problem is the marketers. They will tell them that is what people want. And there are some Christian TV station as well that will review it, “Do you show women in the song?” If there are not enough women with heavy makeup and they did not put on immoral clothing, they will tell you, “Sorry, we don’t want that kind of music. We want music that will make both good and bad people to watch our station.”

That’s why at this stage people who are looking for fame and popularity will compromise. Compromise begins with a step and at the end of the day, they will become worst.

One thing I saw on the Internet about the popular yoruba musician, Tope Alabi was that she was dancing ‘shaku shaku’, a dance introduced by Naira Marley I think. She was dancing it at a party. It raised lots of questions but she was defending herself. If you look at her music of the past, they’re full of divine inspiration. They will make you think about heaven and eternity. But the songs of messages are now dead.

Seeking for fame and popularity will make you forget the God who has called you. You must be very careful. You’re not to use that gift to please people but to please God. It is when you use that gift to please God, that is when the gift will bring life into the lives of people. I will not fall for the devil, what about you?

A lot of former chruch choristers are not singing in the clubs. They said that the church are not paying them. They say, “How can I waste my time singing among the choir and I am not even paid? And the pastor will collect tithes and offerings. They cannot even give me offering of thank you.”

Of course you can go into Christian music and produce album and you sell it. And the motive of it is not that you want to make money but for God. I know a singer that was a chorister in Redeem and will be there during the convention among the choir and she still has her own band that sings together with her.

I know a lady from MFM who is a member and still has her own music band. You don’t need to join those worldly people before you can be known. It is God that is going to announce you. I pray that the Lord will help you and the gift of God in your life will manifest.

Don’t say, “I am a shy person.” That’s shyness in your life must die in Jesus name.

Until you realise that the gift in your hand does not belong to you bit to the Lord, that is when in can be empowered by God for signs and wonders. Until you know that gift is God’s own instrument of expanding His kingdom amd bringing you to a place or relevance in the kingdom of God, that is when the gift will serve the purpose of the kingdom of God.

The Lord is saying to us today, “Cast it on the ground. That is when I will empower it.”

To some, the Lord is saying that they need to humble themselves. If you’re still doing shakara now that you’re still a church chorister, how much more when you have your own band?

If you’re fighting for microphone or full of pride and arrogance because you think you have the most sweetest and cool voice, how much more when God lifts you up? It is when you humble yourself before God can lift you up.

I’m praying for every youth here: as you’re known for God today, we will not know you for Satan tomorrow in Jesus name. Whatever good thing you’re doing, do it faithfully. 

In this ministry, we still need a lot of drama ministers because there are films we want to shoot before the end of this year. I believe there are some of you God has given that gift and abilities. You can join the drama group so that you can be trained and the potential in you will grow. 

You can become a story writer that will write stories that will change lives. A story that will change life can only be received from God. But you can’t receive anything from God until you lay down your life before Him.

The Lord will help us in Jesus name. 

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