Jude 1:3 (KJV)  

“Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.”

We see God’s assignment; we see the commission the Lord commissioned the church. And that is to earnestly contend for the faith. But when we look at the state of the church in this time, we marvel, is this how God wants His church to be?

I want you to understand that we are living in the last days. And one of the major causes of confusion in Christendom is neglecting the Bible for revelations and dreams; neglecting the Bible for things that look divine before us but are fabricated lies of Satan. 

There is only one pathway that I know that leads to eternal life; the kingdom of God. And that is the way that the Bible has shown us. Which is the path of holiness and righteousness.

When we look at the Christian’s in the Bible, there is nothing in their lives that can be traced to the world. They were conformed totally to the image of Christ. 

So many of us don’t know how the name Christian came to be. How did that name come to be? It was when the believers at Antioch were living their lives like the Jesus they preached about. Their character and conduct does not contradict that lifestyle of Jesus that they preached about. And the unbelievers looked at them and called them ‘Christians’ which means that they are Christlike.

They have the mind of Christ. They have the conducts of Christ. They have the character of Christ. They are true followers of Christ. But where you are living in your community, when people look at you each time you carry your Bible going to church,  what do they call you? Don’t they say this one that we used to fight together?

The only pathway that leads to the kingdom of God is that pathway that our fathers in faith threaded on. I’m talking about our fathers in faith. I’m talking about Paul the apostle; Peter, Silas, Antipas, a faithful martyr of Christ that stood for truth in the midst of hot and fierce persecution. 

If there is anything that has helped the church in the past centuries is not going down to the level of the world; it is not associating with the unfruitful works of darkness; it is not compromising the faith to please the world. But when we look at what is happening in the church, the state of the church is breaking the heart of God. The church of God has collapsed. We can’t differentiate the church of God and the people of the world. The body that is meant for the temple of the Holy Ghost has now become a place for prostitution. 

When we check the Bible and read the history, revival.has never come because the believers go and associate themselves with the world and compromise their faith.

So what has helped the church in the centuries past is not practicing the methods of the world which is contrary to the will of God and righteousness of God. Many pastors are now establishing clubs. They say that they want to use that wisdom to win souls. It can never work that way. You cannot join darkness to bring light. 

If we want to revive the world, if we want the truth of God to reign, it is not by believing the world’s superstition. But what has helped the church in the past is standing on the authority of the word of God. They lived by the word of God; holding firm to the Bible. This is because it reveals God. The Bible reveals God to us. It shows us who God is. That He is glorious in holiness.

The reason why you argue on the matters of holiness is because you have neglected the Bible. If you sit down with your Bible, you won’t argue. There is one thing that the Lord is entitled to. And what is that thing? HE IS GLORIOUS IN HOLINESS. 

🎼Who is like unto thee O Lord,

Who is like unto Thee, O Lord,

Among the gods, who is like thee?

Glorious in holiness, fearful in praises,

Doing wonders, Hallelujah!!🎼

I want you to think of that song. There are some of you, from the age of four years old, you can’t count the number of times you have sung that song. But do you know the meaning of what you are singing?

A man of God said that Christian’s don’t tell lies but song lies. They come to the church and sing about God, the holiness of God but they don’t practice the holiness of God.

The Bible reveals God to us that He is glorious in holiness. But when we look at what is happening in the church, we will discover that we are living in the last days. We will discover that the modern church has built up another God which is totally different from the God of the Bible. 

The modern day Jesus permits sin, compromise, worldliness, lies and adultery, lasciviousness and the disobedience. And the modern day church has now turned to something else. The house of prayer, worship has now turned to the dens of thieves and robbers. Like one of our pastors said that when Jesus sees the crowd, He was full of compassion and wept. But nowadays, when they see a crowd of people, their aim is how to collect money from the people. 

The church of God has now become the dens of thieves and robbers. In fact, the ushers are so smart. When they have collected the offering, they will pick big money like #500 or #1,000 because they know that the pastor is fake. They know how they used to cooperate together. 

A sister was confessing that a pastor will agree with her before he comes to the altar that as he will call out people for money, she should be the first to come out. “If I say $5,000, you will come out. You see, if you don’t come out, people will not come out.” So as the pastor mentioned that,  she will first come out.

Do you know that the prosperity churches today that are even within this country, don’t even call naira again. They say 20 pounds, Β£1,000. The house of God has become a den of thieves and robbers.

There are three businesses that are reigning these days. They are hotel business, school business and then church establishments. These are the three businesses that are reigning in this last day. 

This is why if you want to travel out of the country and you get to the airport, and they question you and you say you are a pastor, they will take you to a special room where they will naked you and check every part of your body. This is because christianity has now turned to something else. 

In those days when companies are in need of managers or workers, they will write letters to churches and say, “Release twenty of your brothers in the church.” 

But today if you go to a company for a job and you tell them you are a Christian, the next thing you will see is that they will terminate your appointment and say that all Christians are hypocrites. It is my prayer that revival will break out in the church. There shall be revival.

The sacred place that God has chosen to be a place of praise and prayer has not become a place of prostitution. Pastors are now impersonating sisters in the church all in the name of ‘God says.’ 

“God says that I need to marry a young lady because my old wife has expired.”

The house of God has become dens of adulterers and adulteresses. The house of God has become the den of evil spirits. Jezebel has now successfully established her throne on the pulpit. This is why you see all manners of rebellion and abomination on the altars. 

This is why the words that are coming from the pulpit no longer give life to people but deadening their lives. It plants the seed of strife and hatred.  It plants the seeds of confusion and strange spirits to life.

This is why heaven- bound and rapturable Christians are very scarce. All these things happen because we left the Bible for confusions and doctrines of devils. 

The Bible reveals God to us. But it is very sad that in our days, preachers no longer show us Christ. They no longer show us the glorious doctrine of Christ. Instead they will pick verses that emphasize on blessing, prosperity and healing. And some other group of people, instead of them to reveal God and His standard in the Bible, they will pick up a verse and turn it upside down. 

Instead of revealing Christ crucified, all they talk about is their trip to U.K, America etc. All they talk about is their latest cars and flamboyant clothes. 

If we want God’s presence, Shekinah glory of God over shadow our churches like the days of Solomon when the glory of God interrupted the service of that day.

When last did we witness that in our churches? That the presence and shekinah glory of God will break protocols?

I have discovered that the spirit of counterfeit is at work. A prostitute will come on the altar and speak in tongues and even say, “I can feel the presence of God here. Kalabosh.” Nonsense!

The spirit of counterfeit is now at work. And it is that spirit that is ruling many people. And this spirit wants to lead them into eternal destruction.

If we want the Shekinah glory of God to return, if we want to experience God’s presence in our churches, then we need to go back to the Bible.

The Bible DIRECTS man and shows us the path to heaven. It makes known to us God’s thoughts. It makes known to us the doom of this world. It makes known to us the church’s blessedness. 

That is, holiness is what makes a church healthy. Righteousness is what makes the church healthy. Truth makes the church healthy. Love makes the church healthy. But sin and unrighteousness makes a church miserable. Worldliness and corruption makes a church sickly, weak and powerless. 

No matter how big and large a church may be, if holiness is not being preached and practiced, that big cathedral is a valley of dry bones. It is the dens of evil spirits.

Holiness attracts a heavenly presence to dwell in a church. In the other way round, worldliness and corruption attracts and draws the attention of unclean spirits. So do not be surprised that when they say, “Thus says the Lord…” 

And what does the Lord say?

“The Lord says that you should go to the river and bathe away your problems.”

It is the evil spirit.

“The Lord says that if you will be free from your problem, you must serve the idol in your family. If you don’t serve it, you are going nowhere o.”

And they will say the Lord says that. It’s evil spirits.

Don’t be surprised when somebody suddenly falls down and scatters the chair and still stands up and says, “I am the Lord! I am the Lord! I am the Lord! I have come! I have come! I have come!”

It is the celestial holy spirit that used to speak that way. I can’t even say it’s holy spirit. It’s their celestial spirit. The white garment church spirit that used to repeat sentences just like when you are reading poems.

Do not be surprised when they prophesy in the name of the Lord and say what is totally in disagreement with God doctrines and teachings. It is the evil spirit in them. 

Like I was listening to a record of a sister. The sister claimed that Jesus entered her and was speaking. And that day, although I was not there physically, but those that were there recorded it. It was really funny. I saw marine spirit at work. And maybe because of the limitation of the knowledge of the people that were there at that time, they were telling that lady, “Daddy, speak! Daddy speak! Daddy speak!!”

The girl will now reply and call the name of the person speaking. Assuming the name of the person is Joseph, she will now say, “JOSEPH…. JOSEPH… How many times did I call you?”

Does Jesus speak like that?

Do not be surprised when they prophesy in the name of the Lord and what they say is totally disagreeable with the word of God. It is the evil spirit in them; the spirit of error and a damnable heresy spirit that has taken over them. 

When we look at the early church, they supported the word above other things and that was the secret of their success. This is why they lived their lives in preparing for eternity. The Bible unfolds eternity totally and makes invincible reality known. His precepts are just, holy and good. His cautions are beneficial, wise and useful. His exhortations are profitable.  His directions are merciful, practical and plain. His instructions are deep and spiritual. 

The reason why we have so many players on the altars who claim to have received the post of bishop; call of a prophet but they don’t understand the word of God. All they talk about is visions and prophecies. It is because of lack of understanding. 

Listen carefully, do not be surprised when you see a pastor speaking evil and saying what is against apostolic doctrine. The simple truth is because there is no truth in them and they don’t have the Spirit of Christ. The Bible says, “He who is not against us, is with us.”

So in the other way, he who is against is not with us. When you stand against God’s teaching, and you disagree with the totality of the word of God, you have made yourself an enemy of God. 

I want to ask you this question: Are you happy with the state of the church?

Are you happy with the condition of the church?

Then I want us to join hands together as we are going to go everywhere and raise the banner of faith and truth. As we are going to go to all the churches in Africa; as we are going to reach out to the churches in Europe; as we are going to reach out to the churches in America; as we are going to reach out to the churches in Asia and all over the world. 

This is the very call of this ministry. Not to establish a denomination but you work together with churches, ministers and workers. This is why the Lord is commanding us today. He is calling us back to the Bible. The Lord is calling us back to the true faith – the unchanging and unchangeable faith. 

I want you to look at yourself. If you come today, will you go with Him? Will you meet Him as a faithful bride or a foolish bride? Will you be found faithful and true?

Then if you want to be found faithful, you need to go back to the faith once delivered unto the saints. Let’s return back to the Bible and allow the final authority of God’s word to operate.

Following the Bible and living by all its teachings and holy practices will produce spirituality in the church and not carnality. Which means that the very cause of carnality in the church is because the church has neglected the Bible. The word of God which is the Bible. 

What are the things you need to know about the Bible that the early church knew and practiced? They believed and practiced it and it made them a healthy church. But these things have been neglected in our days and we are now looking for words from prophets. 



The reason why darkness occupies the church is because truth is not being emphasized. 


It is very sad that those that are assigned as deliverance ministers today; sunday school coordinators are ignorant of the Bible. A man said, “When you give a man to preach on a subject that he doesn’t understand is like giving a machine gun to a little boy.” 

That little boy can put it on his brain and fire himself because he doesn’t know how dangerous that gun is. This is why somebody will come on the altar and say, “What I want to preach about is ‘The mystery of rapture.” And he doesn’t understand what he wants to talk about. He will just talk rubbish. That’s because of ignorance of the word of God. The Bible says,

Hosea 4:6 (KJV)  

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.”

So many people have perished because of ignorance. Now, some people were praying, “Holy Ghost come down! Holy Ghost come down!” As they were praying, somebody said, “I am the Lord! I am the Lord! I am the Lord! I have come! I have come! This is what you will do! This is what you will do! This is what you will do! Pick somebody! Pick somebody! Pick somebody! Cut yourselves and luck each other’s blood. Something is going to happen.”

And they did that. 

“I am the Lord! I am the Lord! I am the Lord! Now, if you want power! If you want power! If you want power! Go! Go! Go! And sleep in the graveyard! On the graveyard! On the graveyard! Of Babalola! Babalola! For three days! Three days and you will receive the power.”

Is that the Holy Spirit? 

My people perish for lack of knowledge. So many altars have become shrines. And some people say that if you want your anointing oil to be very powerful, bury the leaf in a new palm kernel and when you bring it out there will be power inside it. Who is under the ground? It’s Satan.

My people perish for lack of knowledge.

Where is the throne of the queen of the coast located? It’s under the sea. And you will see Christian’s that will go to the sea and face the sea and shout, “Baba ooo… power enters me! Enter me!” It’s ignorance. I was one of them before. 

I went with one of our brothers. That night was a horrible night I will never forget. We went for prayer near the sea. That night something happened. As we woke up to pray that night, we saw somebody coming, we can’t say if the person is a man or a woman. The only thing we can say is that the breeze was blowing the clothes the person puts on. And the person was coming towards that tent we sat down. 

Thank God that we did not fear. The person would have killed us maybe if it was an evil spirit. The person was walking very fast towards us. I looked at the brother close to me. We did not know where boldness came from, but we were just there. As the personality entered the tent, something just told me, “On the torch in your hand.” I just turned it on and off it and the person just turned back. As the person left, fear just came over us.

That night, we prayed for morning to reach. I was just waking up plenty of times that night till day break. I said I will never go there again in my life. 

When the queen of the coast works under the sea and the celestial people, C&S and CAC people will be going there praying for power. It’s ignorance. They will tell you they want to do redemption for you. You will now cut banana trees and wrap it with red and black cloth and light candles. They will now bath and bury the banana stomp. They will now say they have done redemption for you. Can a banana stomp do redemption for someone?


It is my prayer that the Lord will open our eyes to the word of God. Are you offended?


When I was seeing the widows during one of our programs, I told one mama, “Mama, do you know that when you get yo heaven, you will walk with your two legs. You will no longer walk with sticks.” And she said, “I want to get there. I want to get there.”

That is the power of the word of God. It comforts the desponding.


Many people are lost. They don’t know where to begin the journey of life again. You have to start from the Bible and the Lord will keep you.


Those that seek the kingdom of God, they shall enter it. Say this three times:

Whether the devil likes it or not, I will enter the kingdom of God. 


Jesus told the disciples, “Wait in the upper room until you are endued with power from on high.” And they believed His word and waited. And we see the outcome of it. It gave birth to mighty revival. 


You are moving from one place to another and prophet to another. You don’t take your relationship with God seriously. The word of God has warned you. Return back to the faith. 


And the threatening of the word of God is true. If God said He will do something, if you don’t meet the condition, He will do it. 


That is, those that die without repentance. Do you know that you will be judged by the word of God? The Bible will be opened to judge you. If you have neglected your Bible, you better go back to it now. It will be used to judge you. 

As a student, when you know that it is from a particular textbook they want to bring out questions from and you do not study it, you have just prepared to fail.

So those who don’t study the textbook of the Bible are preparing to fail. And those that fail will cry. This one is an eternal cry. 


This is why as many who are sick here today, you shall be healed in Jesus name as the word is coming out. 


As many who are weak here; maybe one of your bones is weak or your hand or any part of your body, I decree the strength of the Lord to enter that part right now in the name of Jesus. 

There is an impotent man here. I decree into your life: your organ in the coven of witchcraft, I command it to come out right now in the name of Jesus. Be free! Be free! In the name of Jesus. 


You that you are jeopardizing your salvation, do you know where you are going?

You that you are joking with the grace of God upon your life, do you know what you are trying to do?

You that you are indulging in sin, do you know what you are trying to do?

The Bible alarms the careless.


Those that conform themselves to this present world, it used to accuse them.

Who is the word of God? Jesus is the word of God. 

He has said, “Be not conformed to the world but be ye transformed by the renewal of your mind” (Romans 12:2).

You cannot enter the kingdom of God that way. 


The Bible says,

Proverbs 29:1 (KJV)  

“He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy.”

You are here, God has been speaking to you several times, warning you times without numbers but you refuse. I pray that you will not perish.



Those that don’t think about their life but living their life like the beasts that perish. They don’t make use of their time to prepare for eternity. They are the same person we know them to be. Cold, unspiritual and carnal.


We see that in the story of Sanballat and Tobiah, those groups of rebellious people. They were destroyed. 


The Bible says,

Job 8:13 (KJV)  

“So are the paths of all that forget God; and the hypocrite’s hope shall perish:”

Who is a hypocrite? 

Somebody that will be very gentle when he/she gets to church. They will kneel down for pastor seven times. And the pastor will say, “You have greeted me before.”

“Ahhh, I’m sorry..I just love to greet. It’s in my blood.”

But by the time the service is over, the first thing she will use to approach the children is abuse. And when she gets back home and the husband says, “You stayed long today too.” She will say, “You, that you are going to hell.”

Lion at home but sheep in the church. Hypocrites!

They have apostles’ faces but Judas’ hearts. Hypocrites! 

They put on an angelic garment but the devil’s heart. Hypocrites!

They can even speak in tongues but they are murderers. Their life is full of envy, jealousy and very stubbornness. They are self-willed.

And it used to happen among pastors.

“What do you mean? Me that I just saw a mad man and just said ‘Be healed’ and he became healed, and you are telling me to lead prayer for little children? That is not my calling naa.”

And by the time he gets there he does another thing.

“As the Spirit of God is leading me now, we want to go into a deliverance session. Everybody stand up!”

Who is leading him? Carnality; self will.

They will say,

“People have to know who I am.” Hypocrites!

The day of judgment will be so terrible. It is my prayer that it will not be too late for the church. 

When I say the church, I am not talking about the building. I am talking about you as a believer.




This is why if you check the Bible, you will see Jesus calling sinners to repentance; promising salvation to those that repents of their sins. 

Romans 10:13 (KJV)  

“For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

I want you to say this: Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Now make it personal. 

You will shout: If I call upon the name of the Lord, I shall be saved. 


This is what the Lord has revealed to us, so what should we do?

What should we do to put this problem to an end?

Remember, the revival has to start from me and you. It has to start from the pulpit, then to the workers and to everyone. 


  1. You must repent of every known sin.

If we want to bring the Bible back to the  church; if we want to make the Bible to be real and the teachings of the word of God to have effect, we must repent of every known sin. 

  1. You must put all manner of compromise to death.

You know the things you don’t used to do before because you know them to be against the will of God but now you do them. You have to put them to death.

  1. You must forfeit all appointments to sin.

Maybe your girlfriend or boyfriend is calling you and telling you how they miss you and telling you that you should branch their house. And you have now planned what you are going to tell your pastor in case he knows and asks you where you are going. 

I know you have planned to tell him, “There is one concert I told about Christ sometime ago. The Spirit of God is just leading me to go and visit him.”

I pray it will not be too late for you.

  1. You must teach the Bible. 

Don’t believe anything outside the Bible. You must not believe anything that declares war against the Bible. It does not matter how anointed or popular the man of God may be. Popularity does not underule the word of God. 

  1. We are under obligation to conduct our lives consistent with the principle of the New Testament system.

Not with the system of the time. The pastors in our days now normally barb ‘kolabo’ so you have to look alike. No!

The cloth they used to put on this time is ‘show me your lap’, that one will sit down and use an ordinary handkerchief to cover the lap. You must stop all those things.

  1. We must also be prepared and willing to defend the faith.

I am not talking about defending and withdrawing devilish anger. Like those who said they believe in their prophet and when you talk against their prophet, they will go to the church and bomb the church. I’m not saying that because somebody doesn’t believe your preaching, or because the person argues with you, you should now naked yourself and stand on the Bible and curse the person when you get home.

We cannot defend the truth that way. It means that when they are speaking against the truth, you should not keep quiet. Do you understand?

I remember a program we did at Bayelsa. I can never forget that experience. As I finished preaching, myself and the other brother went to where we lodge. As we sat on the bed, a brother just entered and cross legged at the road and said with a red eyes, “That thing you said on the altar before, repeat it.”

Me and the brother with me were just looking at our face and smiling. We must not keep silent. But at times, silence is the best answer to the full.

Like John Wesley was going somewhere and a man was blasphemy against him. The reply was so funny. “I don’t have you time.”

  1. Let’s join hands together to spread the gospel of truth and holiness. 

How many of you want us to work together to spread this gospel of truth and holiness?

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