Deuteronomy 28:23-24 – And thy heaven that is over thy head shall be brass, and the earth that is under thee shall be iron.The LORD shall make the rain of thy land powder and dust: from heaven shall it come down upon thee, until thou be destroyed.   

An open heaven is a spiritual portal. It can also be defined as a gate, window, door.

One Of the worst things that must not happen to anyone is closed heaven .

The Secret behind why many people stay long and wait long after many prayers can be linked to Closed heaven sometimes .

A Lot of things people do that are an abomination unto God has a serious impact on your heaven .

As we all sit down here , some are under open heaven , while some are under closed heaven .

This is why many are praying and it seems they are doing nothing, many are commanding but it seems nothing is responding,  they are sowing but it seems a power is killing their seeds .

This is why you must not be embarrassed to ask yourself this question today, is my heaven closed or My heaven is Open !.

Many good things will fail to manifest when heaven is closed .

The same principle applies to a nation as well,  If a nation is not listening to God, it lives under a closed heaven.

 It applies also to churches and to individual Christians.

When the heaven over a man is closed: 

There will be prayer failure 

God will keep silent

There will be spiritual confusion.

There will be spiritual bareness, 

There Will be stagnancy . 

There will be spiritual blindness.

There will be spiritual defeat.

The enemy will rejoice.

✓ spiritual promotion becomes unobtainable

✓ people backslide so easily. 

✓ temptation overcomes the believer with ease. 

✓ spiritual warfare becomes a useless effort

When the devil sees that a man’s heaven is Open,  he can go to any extent to ensure the heaven is closed. 

The devil by himself can not close our heaven,  99% of closed heaven is the result of our Ungodly Actions.

Which We thought doesn’t matter or that  gives satisfaction to the flesh,  or Please the crowd we are seeking to please , has a direct Serious impact on your heaven .

If there is any Prayer Anyone needs to pray is to cry out to God to open their heaven by fire.

Listen carefully to me , there is a level of worship that makes a man’s heaven to be open for God to hear you at that particular moment .

There is a level of radical persistence Prayer that can force the heaven open and move the hands of God to act .

Such A moment is always an interesting moment to the power that works in the second heaven. 

They are to use anything to disconnect your prayer so that your heaven of prayer would not be open.

The Moment you notice that whenever you are deep in prayer , sensing the presence of God, that’s when something will come up to distract you .

The aim is to get your mind off God and lower your range spiritually.

Anytime you are praying,  there is a demon assigned to project strange thoughts or imagination in order to keep your heaven closed. 

This Is Why Effective Prayer is a prayer with focus , faith and absolute Trust in God.

Everything God does, He does it under an open heaven. 

When the heavens are open  It brings things from the spiritual dimension to the natural dimension, from the supernatural to the natural.

Only God has the power to open heavens and it is up to us to maintain the heavens open.

How do you know you are walking under open heavens ?

You have encounters with God.

You feel God’s presence.

It takes you from walking in the natural to the supernatural.

Things happen effortlessly.

You receive revelation, finances, miracles and breakthroughs.

You work under peace, rest, and abundance.


1 . Obedience and practising the Word

2. Maintain a life Of Worship 

3 . Hold No Offence Against Anyone 

4 . Follow Peace With All Men 

5. Maintain A life Of Truth 

6 . Maintain a consistent Prayer Life

7 . Engage in consistent Spiritual Exercise 


1 . Secret Sin .

2. Not conforming to the word of God

3. Giving heed to Distractions. 

4 . Spirit of vengeance and Unforgiveness 

5. Immorality 

6. Jealousy And Envy 

7. Pride 

8 . we are operating outside the will of God

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